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Max Spiers Unplugged nature of reality

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The late Natasha Arthurs interviewed Max Spiers in what was his final couple of days, for interview, at Miles Johnston's Bases studio.
A huge row occurred between Max and Miles offsetting the three days set aside to do these important interviews. Miles did conduct a couple of interviews, called Max going Solo, as he had broken with his long term girlfriend Sarah before this series of events.
Max was to give a series of interviews in Poland, which were ultimately used to program him to be dispatched, by June 2016.

Natasha herself, an abductee, experiencer, and experience beyond the body into wider space, (which is why she had an illness and was to pass away about a year after Max was killed in Poland a few weeks after this interview)was off camera, conducted by Kathy Thomas for her channel, OYA100

These are important interviews
Do download and reupload as you feel.

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I remember Max Spiers and interviews from The Bases Project. Other so-called "super soldiers" like James Casbolt, who was also shrouded in controversy. I believe these 2 were involved in some sort shadowy stuff, and therefore knew information that is conspiratorial. They may have also added disinfo as well, perhaps for their own safety - who knows...

another junkie pulled from the streets for amazing stupid stories. i mean look at the glass pipe wound on his lips. every meth user i have met has the same scabby lips. i have seen enough junkies in my time to know what is going on here. this is probably corey goodes best mate.

this is the kind of insightful review I appreciate.

glad it was helpful

Well, his infamous death, where many said he was killed or whatever, was supposedly just an overdose from Xanax. After all this time, I don't really know what his specific story really is, and what information he really had to share. I have sort of just forgotten about him. But I think he was one of those alleged "super soldiers", which falls into the military/mind control category, and some mixture of UFOlogy as well...

We're all slaves and junkies to things in this whirrled....
....most are not as obvious as a meth burn on the lips of a rather sad and confused Bases hype fest.