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Ickonic Classified s01e53 (2024.04.10) Dean Henderson: The Serpents Are Going For Broke

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It appears that the Global Cult are ramping up their agenda heading for a literally global deadline. We have Ukraine headed by a possible MI6 British Agent in Zelensky, going up against a former KGB Agent in Putin, both of whom are surrounded by Israeli Messianic Chabad Rabbis. In the US we have RFK jnr and with his out of character stand on Israels genocide of Gaza, whilst at the same time he is calling out the likes of Jesuit Anthony Fauci for his part in the Covid Scam. Then we have the added element of the public destruction of the British Royals and their own quest to place their Sangreal King on the thrown of the New World Order in Jerusalem. Author and researcher Dean Henderson joins us to try to untangle this mess and makes some sense of where we are rapidly heading.