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Divine Intervention: Alien Architects & the Imminent Galactic Superwave (2021)

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Ickonic's epic feature film explores humanity's evolution under the unseen manipulation of extraterrestrial forces and the path to reclaiming our sovereignty.

Featuring experts such as David Icke, Erich von Däniken and Michael Feeley, the truth is stranger than fiction.


I testify that aliens are doing 1000 things for me in my life helping me with everything and if it wasnt for them I would not be alive. they take care of me like a pet. I can give many examples but I wont bother. believe what you want. there is nothing unholy in the heavens.

It is clear the preparations of this humanity for the "alien invasion" (Independence Day style). That garbage from The History channel (Aliens from the Past) is another example of conditioning... Is the CBDC feudal/slavery plot failed, aliens will be.
No one will invade or save us as this is a zoo/lab where we are guinea pigs and learners at the same time.