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You Can't Kill Meme (2021) [720p]

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"A hybrid documentary feature film about the genesis of "memetic magick" and its application by the alt-right in the United States"

I rarely disagree with the IMDB ratings, but in this case 3.6/10 is a muggle rating.

This documentary links the occult with internet memes, in a way that will be interesting if you are a beginner of have been studying the occult for a while.


This isn't really a spoiler, it's worth seeing how it was handled in the whole documentary.

Basically 4chan/pol tried to use their magicks to cause Hilary Clinton to collapse in public.

You might remember, that happened.

Now, did they make it happen, or was it a coincidence? Well, that very same day, Hilary denounced Pepe, who was practically the 4chan/pol mascot. I find that interesting and if you understand how the magic is supposed to work, it's an indicator that it worked.

From a sciencey point of view it just seems to me like humans clearly have a hive mind of some sort, and these techniques program it.

i don't hold no truck with that stuff bud. the chances of a old shit like clinton tripping over are high broken clocks are right twice a day