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Jordan Peterson: Vision & Destiny (2023)

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File Duration Resolution Video Format Audio Format
JordanPeterson.VisionAndDestiny.1of5.UnderstandingVision.ts 23m31s 1920x1080 AVC AAC
JordanPeterson.VisionAndDestiny.2of5.TheIdentityCrisis.ts 18m41s 1920x1080 AVC AAC
JordanPeterson.VisionAndDestiny.3of5.ConstructAnIdentity.ts 35m44s 1920x1080 AVC AAC
JordanPeterson.VisionAndDestiny.4of5.ADeeperPurpose.ts 25m38s 1920x1080 AVC AAC
JordanPeterson.VisionAndDestiny.5of5.ThePathForward.ts 16m1s 1920x1080 AVC AAC


Hi ConCen, I tried to download this several times and my computer keeps freezing when I try to open the folder. I've also tried downloading them one at a time. My guess is someone sharing is sharing corrupted files or something, I'm really not sure. Also thank you for the generous upload.

Do you have a media player that supports ts files? If so, try deleting and redownloading the files, or at least recheck them with your torrent client.

I use VLC and it worked fine at first although I noticed it took a long time to open the folder, and then a long time to open the video, the next time it just froze completely saying "not responding" when I opened the folder. I downloaded the whole set of videos twice more and then did the individual files to see if there was one that was causing the problem but I'm getting the same issue over and over. Hmm also I wasn't suggesting you were sharing corrupt files but rather that one of the leechers/seeder may be. I just tried rechecking and downloading the torrent from another browser and I'm getting the same issue; it's unusual.

So re-encode and re-upload.

Is that to me? I can't re-encode if I can't access the folder and files.

if you can't access the folder, that's a problem with your computer, not the files or the player.

I assume you are on Windows.

Presumably it's trying to generate a preview from the TS files.

Download the files.
Don't open the folder.
Use handbrake to re-encode them, type the filename in rather than drag/drop.


I'll try that, but even when I have tried to search the filename from outside the folder it doesn't work either.
Anyways I'll just watch the lower quality video otherwise. Thanks.

Charleston wrote:

I'll just watch the lower quality video

They're not lower quality, they're the same quality with more efficient compression.

someone already re-encoded these files

What are you trying to play them with?

VLC I always use VLC, but even the folder won't open.