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seedbox recommendations

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seedbox recommendations

just wondering what seedbox to get. what seedboxes do you use and why use them over others?


great value, fast customer service.

Hosted in the Netherlands where you are allegedly immune from copyright lawsuits.


I was using Xirvik for the longest time, but really needed an upgrade. Their server kept crashing and also they limit the amount of uploads to public trackers, like ConCen and The Pirate Bay, which I usually make all my torrents uploads for. So there wasn't anything seeding unlimited. But I switched to RapidSeedbox and have a 2TB storage and unlimited traffic etc and it's a lot better. But there are certainly a lot of options...

cheers both of you.I would

cheers both of you.I would prefer unlimited b/w for sure and easier sharing to concen


I chose their most popular seedbox package, "Rapid", which for me comes out to close to 50 bucks a month, which is almost double what I paid at Xirvik, but this seedbox handles way more and is continuously pumping out data 24/7, so it's worth it. There are several platforms for utilizing this seedbox, but the only 2 I really use and need are the FTP for uploading and downloading from the box, and the ruTorrent v3.10 which handles all of the actual making and loading torrents. I leave that open in Google Chrome all the time, mostly to monitor my current uploads etc.

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