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Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

In a world that tells us science has been settled, we tell them, the journey has merely begun. The First Flat Earth Documentary covers the basic understanding of our true cosmology and the heavy censorship involved on discovering this truth. This documentary also exposes the fairy tales of what we were all taught in 5th grade science. Starring O.D.D TV, Dave Murphy, Santos Bonacci, Tanner Stewart, Johnny Giampapa, and more. Narrated by Eric Dubay - Music by O.D.D TV - Directed by Sean Hibbeler of Hibbeler Productions.

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that is all

yes its so stupid they needed to censor it. in fact the american government called youtubes CEO to congress to ask them to censor or shadow ban all flat earth content. its so stupid though.............enjoy your self imposed indoctrination..................peace out

dudeface wrote:

yes its so stupid they needed to censor it. in fact the american government called youtubes CEO to congress to ask them to censor or shadow ban all flat earth content. its so stupid though.............enjoy your self imposed indoctrination..................peace out

flat earth is utterly fucking stupid and it beggars belief that people fall for this utter wankery.
You arrogance is almost tabgible for fuck sake. the sign is a true cockwomble(google it).
There is a preponderance of evidence and even things you can do to show the globe is real and the flat earth is for the apocalyptically idiotic.
show actual; proofs, peer reviewed, scientifically undeniable evidence and not some utter fuckstick video by some no mark dog wanking fuckstick like mark cunting sargent or any of those fucking morons. Actual evidence not regurgitated bullshittery from folks that know less than fuck all with no ability for actual critical thinking. there is a big difference between actual critical thinking and being a fucking cockwomble.

wow thats the most ignorantly stupid comment I have ever heard. your indoctrination and ignorance on the subject is so immense. and the fact that you have such a visceral reaction shows the progamming. all the things you say are "proof" come from government payed or run sources. wheres your proof of space or anything NASA says??? they lied about the moon landing but everything else they say is the truth.............ya OK. I question everything...............period, and where we live is not as described. try some Crroww777 podcasts to truly understand critical thinking, and critical thinking does not always lead to truth. i would rather come to my own conclusions and be wrong than to just believe liars and luciferian pedophiles. but you just keep on insulting all the critical thinking true earthers. flat earth has been growing for 8 years now. its not going away as the truth is always revealed. your gonna feel like a real fool when the reality of this realm is truly revealed. the only thing i can think about someone like you is you are a paid shill.......... meant to shoot down truths and muddy the waters with your bullshit......or just a ignorant asshole. you sir will never have me comment on your always stupid comments on every post that you make....I rebuke you Satan.....peace the fuck out

"flat earth is utterly fucking stupid", that is not totay thrue, is... but not totaly. Just becouse somme people do no see Chi, it's not a prouve that is not existing.

because government lied, then they lied about this. Then we fit in a narrative to support pre-conceived conclusions people already believe on faith (because gov't lied). self-fulfilling circle jerk

I won't say it's "fucking" stupid...

It's a reasonable conclusion to draw, if you don't understand how to figure out the mechanics of the solar system from what you see in the sky, and haven't figured out gravity, don't have lasers, satellites, compasses, theodolites, plumb lines.

A thousand years ago it's a perfectly decent assumption. People today have absolutely no excuse, apart from wilful ignorance - which they justify because we are told so many lies, which we are.

But I'll say it again - "they" WANT you disconnected from nature, and the cycles of the planet, which arise out of the orbital model.

gravity. ill hold my breath in anticipation!

Gravity is an attractive force between all particles of matter in the universe, proportional to the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance between them.

If that's so, whay do some academics nead "Higgs bosson" so desperately to exist?! 99% of matter is unkgnown. 1% known. IF !!! Higgs bosson is not existing... what is matter?

There are scientifical evidence that the 1,5 faster resorbying of Higgs bosson into thau particle is imposible for the theory to be wryght. Higgs bosson is the same lie as the faunding of the mising link "Ida". Just a lie. As before, sorry, bad english. :)

Why people still push this mental dribble is mind boggling. It's a fad perpetuated by highly misinformed people. I did watch these videos to see their most recent garbage and nearly every assumption and claim they make is utter nonsense.

specifics. what claims do you think are provable about what the earf is?

"Global Warming", the inventor of those words get a nobel, 4-5 years ago. For inventing the tool to analise gasses in the athmmosfere. He has proven, in fact, scieticaly, that Terra is a living beying, that she is alive. They destroy him for 40 years before they gave him ... the shit Nobel prise. That's the claim: history. Real kind. I gave you anough information to do reasesch on Wikipedia and ealse. That's 45 years o hidden histiry of science. Do better! That's my claim. Ignore it, as you can.

pax, is the first time when i apreciate you. Not that that matters. (...) it's a glich. Flatearthears are, in a whay, wright: Chi energy is healing the chemical structure of the malady of the body, in that sense they are whryte. Sorry. Bad spelling. be indulgent. :)