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ZOS Speaks!: Encounters With Austin Osman Spare - Kenneth & Steffi Grant - [PDF]

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Zos Speaks!: Encounters With Austin Osman Spare
Publisher: Holmes Pub Grou Llc (1998)
ISBN-10: 0953101606
ISBN-13: 978-0953101603

ZOS Speaks: Encounters With Austin Osman Spare is without doubt, one of the most important books dealing with the magical system of Austin Osman Spare, and featuring some of Spare's most important written work. For many years before, and after the publication of The Images & Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, there were rumours and promises, that Spare's great unpublished works, The Zoetic Grimoire, & The Logomachy of Zos, would finally be published in their complete forms. Images & Oracles had reproduced extracts, including a few of the Oracles from The Logomachy, and showed glimpses of these mysterious & legendary magickal works. Fulgur's publication of The Book of Ugly Ecstasy (1996), had included a page long prophesy from The Logomachy, while Fulgur's first publication The Witches' Sabbath/Axiomata (1992), included an edited, variant version of the First Formula from The Zoetic Grimoire.

In ZOS Speaks, the complete versions of these works, have been finally released & published in a single volume, under the title of The Book of Zos vel Thanatos, with a wealth of additional material, sigils and numerous illustrations by Spare. The Logomachy of Zos consists of 831 Oracles, which were written by Spare, and collected and edited by Kenneth Grant. Similarly, The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos, reproduced in full for the first time, consisted of 9 magickal Formulae, as well "Theses: On Sorcery", "Experiments in Occult Phenomena", "Complete Thesis and Ritual of Magical Transitivity" & "Arbitary Transference: illustration". The Book of Zos vel Thanatos is rounded of with The Living Word of Zos, which consists of a number of essays by Spare.

These 3 Books by Spare, are further Supplemented by the section of correspondence between Spare & Grant, as well as Diary extracts, which shed much light and meaning on the content of The Book of Zos vel Thanatos.