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'How To' with Dean Clifford
Dean Clifford - Both Sides Of The Story - freeman Videos - freemanITOBACOM.flv
Dean Clifford - Roadside conversation with the police - Part 1- YouTube.mp4
Dean Clifford - Roadside conversation vvith the police - Part 2 - YouTube.mp4
Mass Arrest Warrants - David Wiicock & Winston Shrout - Liens Against Central Banks Explained - YouTube flv
The Freeman View Bill of Rights VS Charter of Rights & Freedcrns - YouTube.mp4
Time 4 The Truth - Liberty - freedom - disdosure T4TT - EXCLUSIVE Dean C Clifford - Both Sides - Part 3 - Q & A.flv
Winston Shrout - Accepted For Value Series [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + WebRip (AVI) + (DOC, PDF, PEG) + (Software)] 5.35 GB

Winston Shrout - Commerciai Liens [DVDRip (AVI) + ebooks (DOC, JPEG)]
Winston Shrout - Credit Report [DVDRip (AVI, MP3)]
Winston Shrout - Foundation Review DVD's 1 & 2 [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + ebooks (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout - GSA (General Services Administration Forms; & 28 [DVDRip (MPEG4)]
Winston Shrout - Invisible Contracts [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + (M3DOCS)]
Winston Shrout - Las Vegas [DVDRip (MPEG4) + ebooks (DOC. PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Money of Account vs Money of Exchange [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 4 (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Navigating Crimini Court [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 7 (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Orlando 2008(Power of Commerce) [DVDRip (MPEG4) + ebooks (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Phoenix (Mastering Solutions) [DVDRip (MPEG4) + ebooks (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Portiand 2011 [DVDRip (AVI) + ebooks (DOC, PDF, JPEG)]
Winston Shrout - Postai Technology [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 10 (DOC, PDF, JPEG)]
Winston Shrout - Strawman Trilogy [DVDRip 3 (AVI) + (PEGSJ
Winston Shrout - The Roger Elvick Sessions [DVDRip (MPEG4) + ebooks (PDF)]
Winston Shrout - Trusts & Social Security Trust Indentures
Winston Shrout - Understanding Civil Courts
Winston Shrout - Unlawful Detainer [DVDRip (AVI) + 26 (DOC, PDF)]
Winston Shrout -Habeas Corpus [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 16 (DOC)]
Winston Shrout -IRS(Just Another 3rd Party Debt Collector) [AVI + (PDF, DOC, JPEG)]
Winston Shrout -San Antonio(Advanced Seminar) [DVDRip (MPEG4) + ebooks (DOC, PDF, JPEG)]
Winston Shrout -The Concept of Attorney [1-AVI] [1-MP3] [4-PDFs]
Winston Shrout -The Great Mortgage Swindle Part DVD 1&2 [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 18 eBooks (PDF, DOC)]
Winston Shrout -Third Party Debt Collectors DVD 1 [DVDRip (AVI, MP3) + 18 eBooks (PDF, DOC)]
Winston Shrout -Third Party Debt Collectors DVD 2 [DVDRip (2-AVI, 2-MP3)]
Winston Shrout -Traffic Tickets [2 -DVD rips] [2 -MP3] [6 -WD] [1 -PDF]

It was a long, slow download. I've been seeding it for about 3 weeks now. I only have 3.8 shares! I've done my part, and hope others have posted this somewhere else for uploading. I have to stop seeding now. Sorry.

I had this collection a long time ago and lost it and its been so hard to find, is there any chance you still have this? I'd be ever grateful for a hard copy, if you are a student of the subject he teaches, so am I, have been at it for 5 years now.


Check your client.

Thank you!

This is crying out to be converted to x265, you could probably cut the size to 1/4 with no noticeable loss of quality. Maybe even less.

However the guy is a wanted criminal, probably not giving good advice.

The government said Shrout falsely claimed the bills had value and purported that they were worth more than $100 trillion.

that's a bit ambitous ... aye

I'm doing a deep dive into this kind of material.

Anyone??? Thank you in advance!

This information is beyond incredible!!!! Thank you!!!!

Winston himself would say not to use any of the examples he shared, even said everyone should as for a refund and leaven one of his seminars. one guy took him up on it, and he announced to the audience: 'there goes a smart man, you all should do like he did and go out and grow some beans and potatoes (ie create some real "original issue"). he was a retired marine, gardener and builder with a degree in psychology... certainly an interesting character. Lot to learn from him, just search and verify everything. The truth is much more complicated than he makes it sound in his dumbed down, populist presentations. To make this subject entertaining to sell seminar repeats, it has to sound "too good to be true", but the real work happens AFTER thru reading the materials and verifying everything.

Truth is there is no "solution in commerce". Just lots of complicated problems, since all it ever does is produce more debt. One should ask what ends commerce? Now THAT would be an interesting thing to hear about, wouldn't it? it may even be called a "jubilee"..