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the "mark of the beast" is a penis tattoo...
mine says "Welcome to Edinburgh, Have a fantastic day!" all in 72 point glory!! :P
There follows an exclamation by the intended recipient of this tattoo'd glory and she exclaims "MY that's a beast!"

You can add in the movie, "Vice" as one of the latest android movies. In it, androids are created so people can "live-out" their, (often times, sick) fantasies on them.

Thanks I'll add the film if I can, but the movie might not be on the torrents sites for awhile. I need a good rip of the movie. I'm still waiting on a good rip of the movie Interstellar.

Wow. There's already a decent looking web rip for Vice. I'll watch it. My film might be push back to March 1st. It's almost done though.

A soulless robot mimicking emotion... what a pathetic image. Why must people continue to try to package AI in human form? Who can ever feel any emotion towards such an artificial form? Man can only produce so much from the mineral kingdom; he cannot create life from it. Any attempt to do so is an abomination. We've got humans, animals and plants - REAL life. We don't need this fake shit.


is your answer to this

A soulless robot mimicking emotion... what a pathetic image. Why must people continue to try to package AI in human form? Who can ever feel any emotion towards such an artificial form?

oh and guys.. you'll both SHIT BRICKS at Ex Machina ..LOL

That movie isn't out yet is it?


I guess there's a Spetember 11th as a subplot in the comic version of Ex Machina. Anyone every read the comic?

.. good movie btw.. you also forgot the bicentannial man and anything from/based on Asimovs foundation series involving R Daneel Olivaw
What makes me laugh yet again though is that you are collecting and watching all these movies......
all of em.. same with the games........
if they are so fucking awful then why not leave them alone and not watch them/play them and thus you will be untouched by their evilnessness.
what it boils down to is that you enjoy these games and movies but feel that goold old fundie guilt mixed with your traditional fundie self loathing because you watched THEM(amongst the many flavours of xtian self loathing)...
you love em!
i just wish you'd stop talking utter fucking bollocks about them :)
BTW.. this movie isn't anything to do with the comics bearing the same name
the comic...

The series, from writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris, is a political thriller that centers around a civil engineer named Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America's first living, breathing superhero after a strange accident. Ultimately, Mitchell tires of the status quo and opts to retire from straight-up superheroics to run for mayor of New York. And, of course, he wins by landslide. But Mayor Hundred has to worry about more than just the usual city budget problems and an antagonistic governor, when a mysterious hooded figure begins assassinating plow drivers during the worst snowstorm in the city's history.

In a unique twist, New Line has commissioned two versions of the script. Vaughan is writing one version, while Glen Brunswick (The Gray Area) and artist John Romita Jr., writing another.

Chris Bender and JC Spink are producing the project.*

the movie...


Ex Machina tells the story of a computer coder who wins the chance to spend a week at the house in the mountains belonging to the CEO of the company he works for, only to find he has to participate in an experiment involving a new brand of artificial intelligence.

* -

The film rights to Tony Harris and Brian K. Vaughan’s political-thriller comic Ex Machina has reverted back to the creators after New Line allowed them to expire.

No I don't enjoy the programming in movies Pax, I'm exposing them. Trying to show people what's going on. I'm not claiming that I see everything in movies, I just enjoy the basics.

Yes, I did enjoy video games very much. I haven't play them for about year and wish I could. Just been busy. I won't touch games like Grand Theft Auto anymore and other violent games. It's just not worth it.

It seems like Ex Machina has been released in one country somewhere. The Film doesn't come to the states for awhile. I would like to put that movie in but it doesn't look like I will. I'm also interested in putting the movie 50 Shades of Gray.

IF ANYONE WANTS A FILM EXPOSED, LET ME KNOW NOW AND I"LL TRY TO WORK IT INTO MY FILM.> I'm not doing older films like pre 1960s. It wouldn't be hard with Movies like Baby Face.

Repo - the genetic opera
The Gene Generation
John dies at the end
Pan's Labyrinth (also known as Faun)
The Man from Earth
Vet Hard
Pineapple express
Cube 1 2 and zero
The Book of Eli
the millennium trilogy (the girl with the dragon tattoo, the girl who played with fire, and the girl who kicked the hornets nest)

BTW 50 shades is a piece of cheap titillation. it gets ripped to bits for fun by the fetish community.
it's basically a book that bored as fuck housewives seem to have been getting off on and it snowballed from there... the car wreck effect...
people see people reading it and a fuss being made so they want to see.... just like on the road when passing a car crash.
you however will see the work of the dark lord satan himself in it.... when in actual fact it's a very badly written piece of cheap crap by a very untalented but lucky author

BTW.. i though you said that your last movie was already done???

almost done....there's a lot of little things that can add up. The least favorite is working with the audio levels. Hundreds of clips with all slightly different volumes.
Pan's Labyrinth and The Book of Eli are in the film. I'm avoiding trilogies for the most part and the movie Avatar. I have Cube and Dune, but haven't watched them yet. Repo - the genetic opera seems familiar. I was considering that movie, along with Blade Runner. Maybe I'll check Repo. Thanks for the suggestions!

he least favorite is working with the audio levels. Hundreds of clips with all slightly different volumes.

what you are looking for is volume normalisation which is an option in pretty much every decent editing suite. even windows movie maker can do that.
BTW Pan's Labyrinth is a metaphoric tale of Fascism on the Iberian Peninsula....
The book of Eli simply a futuristic tale of a man preserving the knowledge of the bible..... i thought you'd be up for
Repo the genetic opera is a comedy .. pure unfiltered comedy in the style of Rocky Horror.. kinda.. sorta in that it's a Rock opera...which is funny.
John dies at the end is a fantastically funny film which RIPS into a lot of stuff.. especially the's hilarious.
The Man from Earth .. you won't like it... however it's a great film.. i really enjoyed it and the story's originality.
Vet Hard , our Dutch members will see this and laugh... a lot.. it's an extremely funny film
I preferred it with subtitles rather than dubbed.
Pineapple express hilarious film about
Gene Generation./.. not a bad film but niche.. plays well to the goth/industrial/ebm crowd.. the band combichrist appear in it... they may make you want to cry with their

Sheldon has paid his

Sheldon has paid his hollywood-initiation "dues," ( according to one researcher (

ROFL.. I don't think jim Parsons would mind dressing in drag or even a role as a gay man.... for a start he's OPENLY
that guys film is utter douchbaggery... actors play roles.. comedians at times play characters.. I hardly think it's a bloody initiation of any kind.. that's just plain muppetry.

BTW bob... remember not to let your "snippets" of the movies run too long as you can and probably would get humped for copyright...

"BTW bob... remember not to let your "snippets" of the movies run too long as you can and probably would get humped for copyright..."

too late...

I did mention this to you before on the old forums.. multiple times as i recall.
So have you been sent DMCA's or lawyers letters?
Or do you mean that ''too late i've already done it and the snippets are long''

Both actually. Thanks for your concern though, I do appreciate it. The letters I received were from something I downloaded. A couple of death threats too, but nothing too serious. However, somebody did report me to Homeland Security.

Movie seems fast-paced because you're covering lots of examples. Maybe, a slight pause (about second) could be added to the quote-scenes, (like the ones for Robbin Williams and others,) because I couldn't read them that fast.

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you, maybe I'll slow down that part using a time span effect. For that part what happened was the picture duration was shorter than expected, thus making talk fast to keep up. :)

BTW The last movie I watched was Amadeus (1984)
What rubbish. The movie was a hit piece on Mozart.