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Part4 of leaked content from private torrent tracker.




THANK YOU. Waiting on the next one. Content Leaked (Part5) African Diaspora Religion (20GB)

This torrent hasn't started downloading anything for me yet

Is anybody else able to download this torrent?

I re-downloaded the torrent and now I have two part 4 torrents at 0%. Odd

Unfortunately I just do not have enough hard-drive space for these TheOccult leak torrents, otherwise I would be downloading them all. It shows that there are a few seeds and successful downloads, so I am not sure what's up with this one...

Thanks, TheCorsair. I love my seedbox, too. How do you decide what you will keep and what you will purge on it? In my case, I use my seedbox more as a sandbox (nice pun not intended): anything I really like, I later transfer to my local computer "for keeps". In the case of these impossibly large torrents, however, I won't bother with the seedbox since it will take me forever to transfer hundreds of gigabytes via so-slow FTP. Much easier to weed and purge on my local drive, anyway. I won't keep everything from these big dumps, but the archivist in me cannot resist getting my hands dirty :) All behind a vpn, of course.

Any other styles of organizing your files, or approaching torrents out there?

First layer of defense: seedbox. Fast, secure, temporary.
Second layer of defense: vpn. Works on all devices. Stops downloading if disconnected. ExpressVPN can also be configured "per app".
Third layer of defense: backblaze backing up all my local drives for 1 year.

Neat layer: Plex plays videos across all my devices both from the seedbox and my local drives so I don't need to transfer anything to view it.

I have about 20Tb of local files, at last count, much of which I have recently had to review by asking, "Do I really need/wanna keep this?" That's where the seedbox has helped vet things first.

I will separate my files locally by format, usually: one drive for books, one drive for non-fiction video, one drive for tv/movies, etc.

Indexing the books takes the longest amount of time, and even my new M1 chip struggles. I had to supplement it with a real cataloger called "NeoFinder". Happily, it even indexes the contents of ePub files, so I finally solved that problem.

[It might seem that the above step is pointless since "trivia is meaningless in the face of google", but the reality is that there are still many paywalls in place. I have been surprised and happy to discover that my own library had more answers than what I could find via Google. Yay, me!

All in all, I have a fairly viable personal library that is now fully searchable. Oldest files I have date from when I started (c. late 90s). But it is interesting for me to date-stamp when I downloaded books; I have seen a lot of academic text sites come and go over the years!

Wow, you have a very impressive set up. I guess you could say you are a professional archivist! I used to store all my data on CD-Rs and DVD-Rs back in the day, and I also had external hard-drives. Big clunky ones. Right now I am not really saving as much of what I find online, except on my seedbox and some stuff on my computer's hard-drive. But mostly nowadays multimedia is streaming for one-time use and should just be deleted after, unless it's really important and you will want to see it again (and again).

But for me, my most important multimedia I back up by uploading as torrents and storing on my seedbox. My seedbox company used to add a free 15gb or more monthly to my online hard-drive space, so I have upwards of 3 or more TB for my seedbox. But it could definitely use a purging. One-time watch movies and other multimedia that just isn't important. But archives like my old Joseph Campbell archive and all of my ConCen torrents I obviously keep forever. Even though the uploads pause at 50gb and I have to manually tweak the program to get it to seed again.

All of the old multimedia basically needs to be re-ripped again to have better quality video codecs etc. DivX is so bad comparted to h264. But there are still a lot of old torrents that are like little goldmines of information. I usually try to stay current when I upload something.

Cheers, many thanks for your thoughts. The seedbox is the best way to seed things for a long time, isn't it. Totally agree, and I applaud your setup. Slowly, I will build the seeds that I want to share permanently, too. I just got my seedbox up and running only a few months ago, as you know. For now, I am just happy to lighten the load on my local drives. It is hard for the ocd-archivist in me to let things go, but, yes: it seems like more and more content is being made each day, and it is getting harder and harder to justify paying to store it. Mostly, I keep the historical stuff and books without purging. Curiously, the hardest files to play via Plex on the seedbox are the HEVC files. I now pay double what I started out with just to know I can throw anything at the seedbox-processors and it will "just work". Also, we are now seeing more 2180p...1080p were big enough, but the files just keep getting larger.

Yes, these are very much standard archival appraisal decisions, eh :) ...what to keep vs what to purge...

I've done a pretty good job at pairing down my physical possessions, but I'm pretty attached to my digital library (digital toys?), haha. Oh, well. One good solar flare, and that will be that.

Actually, microfilm is still the way to go if you really wanna preserve a large volume of text. All you will need to access it in post-apocalyptic future is a magnifying glass and light. They make searchable microfilm now, which is very cool.

I had the same problem. As I deleted the first one, the second one started downloading.

Appreciate the tip. I deleted both, and re-downloaded the current torrent. Still showing 0, but perhaps that will change after a few hours.
Part 3 just finished for me so I am batting .705 :)

More from TheOccult I was banned twice. Can we have Yoga and Magic? And Gurdjieff Stuff ?
Thank you

MadhaviPrem, the next uploads will be for you. Around 135Gb in total of:

## Wicca NeoWicca Eclectic - 20GB
## Traditional Witchcraft - 16GB
## Middle Eastern Magic - 53GB
## Fourth Way - 30GB
## Chaos Magic - 15GB

Gurdjieff, is located in Fourth way.



Not much seeders at this torrent anymore.

Hi all, This torrent looks like - Esoteric Christianity - size-133gb and this contents - 133gb = 1:1... Please - where the true Academic Reference ? Thanks!


Ramdanus wrote:

This torrent looks like - Esoteric Christianity

Agreed, and that would have been a far better title.

Ramdanus wrote:

Please - where the true Academic Reference ?

I think there are two answers to that question:

1. The original seeder must interpret 'academic reference' differently from you, so what you see is what you get: there are some books written by or about Jung, for instance, and would be considered 'academic' by some.

2. In some sense, I would guess "academic reference" and "the occult" is an oxymoron: I am unaware of any collection of JSTOR or Routledge works on "the occult". You're mainly just gonna dredge up 'frater this' or 'enochian that'. As Crowley never said,
Dream what thou wilt shall be the whole of the flaw.

I personally enjoyed learning about Paul Case and the Tarot, but again, is that really 'academic'?