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Russell Brand in Plain Sight Dispatches

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The documentary which is fundamentally the same as the Times hit piece. seems pretty co-ordinated. the only differences are the times piece had screenshots of the messenger chats.
Times article below stripped of paywall
Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse

edit to add
apparently this is part one of a few parts both in the times and on channel 4


for some very odd reason , it seems that qbittorrent much prefers to connect to other qbittorrent users.....
am uploading to one qbit user @1.5mbit avg speed and occasionally connected to non qbit users and they drop...

edit to add
have to switch pc off till i am back in the morning. i won't leave it on when i am not here.
also whoever the UK based person is who was running qbittorrent and hit and run.... bellend pal.. utter ellend
it'll be back on by 100 hrs sunday 17th sept GMT

Shame on whoever H&R. Configure your torrent client to upload at least 3x what you download on each torrent.

Either way this is on C4 on-demand and also IPT, TL, if anyone wants it.

It's worth a watch.