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Req: National Geographic Taboo episodes

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Req: National Geographic Taboo episodes

Amazed this is so hard to find. Can anyone help?
Couldn't find any of these on Usenet, TL, IPT,, TD, ST.

I'm specifically looking for these episodes related to transexualism/transgenderism:
S01E09 Sexuality
S03E12 Gender Benders
S04E03 Sexual Identity
S05E09(10?) The Third Sex
S08E01 Secret Lives
Special - 2007 Sex Swap

I do have this one at a low resolution, 468p. Maybe it's available better elsewhere.
S08E14/S09E12 Changing Gender/Sex (2012)

There are several huge NG packs floating around, but they aren't seeded, or don't have the episodes I am looking for.

Surprisingly, it looks like

Surprisingly, it looks like this is on If you are a member there. But I can't tell whether the archives are with overdubbed Russian or not. I assume they are...

oh you mad genius

I'll check it out, cheers

You might want to turn your

You might want to turn your auto-translation app on!

Russian lies

Some of the docs are there, but I think the number of seeders might be a lie. There's a 100% peer showing, but it's not moving... I'll leave it a long while

I saw one that appears to be

I saw one that appears to be an archive of the shows from 2002-2012. But it's like 46gb or something. It said 3 peers, but as you said, that might be incorrect...

It's coming.

Some of them are strangely cropped, to cut off part of the screen.
Some have Russian+English audio, some only Russian.

If I can't find better I can splice some of these together to add a good picture to English audio though, thanks!

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