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NOVA - Decoding Nazi Secrets

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"Program Overview

NOVA tells the story of how the Allies are able to crack codes produced by Enigma, a supposedly impenetrable German cipher machine, and thereby influence the course of WWII.
The program:
- describes how Enigma can produce more configurations for any particular message than there are grains of sand on Earth.
- tells how the British government secretly invited men and women of all ages and abilities—including Egyptologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, mathematicians, and crossword puzzle enthusiasts—to unravel the Enigma cipher at Station X, a mansion 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of London.
- relates the patience, team effort, and absolute secrecy needed to accomplish the task.
- explains how codebreakers at Station X recognized the role that human error played in helping to break the code.
- describes how the work at Station X gave Allied commanders essential information to attack the enemy effectively and reroute military personnel to avoid German attack. "

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