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Happy discovering ConCen!

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Happy discovering ConCen!


Let me tell you how happy I am to have found you. I had already downloaded the following series to my laptop as they were airing:

- The Truth About Pet Cancer
- The Truth About Cancer
- The Truth About Vaccines
- GMO's Revealed

Unfortunately, my laptop got stolen and I thought it was forever lost. I was desperately looking for torrents on the internet but couldn't find these series... Until I stumbled upon this website! THANK YOU for putting these series up.
This truly is vital information that EVERYONE should know about! It should be shared and showed without moderation.

Now hoping that Christ Revealed will be put up too. I have them all apart from the bonus episode. :)

A bit THANK YOU to the guy keeping this website and with NO ADS! Apparently paying himself.

A true pleasure being here.

Alix from Belgium.


I hope you can contribute by uploading some torrents.

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