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family emergency

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family emergency

been away for a bit as my mother had a minor stroke. all seems to be good and she's on the mend. i know it can't have been that bad as she was back to being a sarcastic old bugger the day after the stroke!
but organising the day and night nurses then taking her away on a wee holiday on the 17th till 24th should the doc say she's recovered well enough.
Been taking turn with my sister monitoring our mother but the nurses al go from monday thankfully so myself and my sister can go through every second day(turn about) till the 7th.
back after that!

Sorry to hear that.

Hope she recovers ok. Have a read up about Lion's Mane I think it was that I heard was good for repairing after a stroke.

Best wishes for you and yours ...

... you manky git.

I was wondering where you

I was wondering where you were. Hope you're all doing well.

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