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Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - Season 1 (2017) GAIA 720p WEB-DL x264

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Erich von Däniken takes us beyond the myths and legends which have shaped our view of history, to present an alternate view of historical events, megalithic structures and archeological discoveries. Throughout each episode, he personally guides us through his findings which have reshaped our view of the world and the history upon which we have built the monuments of our modern society. Join Gaia in this historic series, as von Däniken explores the extensive canon of his highly influential works.

Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E01 - Aliens of the Old Testament.mp4 459.91 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E02 - Signs of the Gods.mp4 359.60 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E03 - Enoch and the Great Pyramid.mp4 312.95 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E04 - Angelic ETs of the Ancient World.mp4 329.84 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E05 - Astronomy in the Stone Age.mp4 289.98 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E06 - Hybrid Creatures of the Ancient World.mp4 291.18 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E07 - Flying Machines of the Vedic Gods.mp4 356.87 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E08 - Megaliths and Messages from the Gods.mp4 292.27 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E09 - Mayan Temples in the Jungle.mp4 422.21 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E10 - Anomalous Monuments in the Americas.mp4 374.88 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E11 - ETs on Earth.mp4 441.24 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E12 - The Return of the Gods.mp4 354.13 MB
Erich von Daniken - Beyond the Legend - S01E13 - Erich von Daniken - The Man, The Myth, The Legend.mp4 421.05 MB

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Thank you for posting this series so i could get it. i love this topic. thanks heaps!.

is the antedote to Erik von Daniken's bullshit

Are we hybrid space monkeys ? ... ancient astronaut theorists say a resounding yes !


"ancient astronaut theorists" you mean total bullshit artists?
if you look at that chris white video..... you'll see the absolute SHITE spouted by those "theorists"
these are pricks in the the buck and twist logic and spew veritable ass fountain of nonsense

The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly
watch this , silly person.
see how Von Daniken is full of shit, the whole ancient aliens nonsense is a total scam and you seem to have sucked hard on the Koolaid .
so, get back to me when you have watched this.....
Get ready for some hefty cognitive dissonance pal :-)

The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.

So you are not going to watch something that uses attributable facts, shows it's sources, shows expert linguists and just backs everything up?
and your only response is you respond like a dollar store yoda? or read on a guiness beer mat?
weak fucking sauce pal

already had watched so called 'debunk' I'll make up my own mind thanks..
I'm pretty sure your summary of what you feel the truth is has flaws also..

quite the self righteous arrogant chap aren't we?
everything has flaws. that's life.
So, you've watched a well attributed, well researched, well presented absolute refutation of that ancient alien bullshit and you come down firmly in favour of von daniken?
Now i am selling the old Forth Road Bridge and can offer you a bargain price!

EDIT - in fact your non answers speak volumes really.
If you want to debate it.. then GREAT.. lets' debate.. we can use chris White's Documentary as a reference and use the numbers on the screen to go point for point.
If you have as much faith in your theory and it's correctness then this should be as GIFT to you..
Shall we begin?

look in the mirror maybe..

and back to your "pithy" little, mean nothing comments.
If you want to argue for or debate something ...BACK IT UP.
So come on.. debate me or admit you are a silly wee troll
conditions as above
so make the case for your points of debate . If you are SOOOO sure of yourself...
I await your response

yup... kind what i thought...
you can't actually articulate a defense for your proposal of your ancient alien theory.
I am offering to you the chance to debate using that video and it's number sequencing for each point it makes as our point/counterpoint.
what your responses give away is that your attempt at arrogant dismissal could be seen as a lack of belief on your part in your own proposal, that you are a troll or just plain fear of being made to look a bit silly as you must be incapable of debate.
but.... still waiting and i bet i'll be waiting quite some time ,if ever, before you take up the challenge.
If you really believe in your theory and then back it up and debate....

the silence speaks volumes.... no faith in your argument, no faith in your ability to debate and.... no balls
sums it up

Consider letting your obviously vast intellect and aggressive presentation give way to a more measured and spiritual response or you will probably find there's a tendency for others to ignore you.. and unfortunately your 'truth'.. Merry Christmas

passive aggressive much???
you can't argue the fact so you just come out with this passive aggressive angle
just debate.. if you have that faith in your belief in this theory then debate me and we'll use that documentary as a point counterpoint debate.
can't say fairer

Historically, von Daniken is remarkable because he is the first in modern decades (post-60s) to show *how you can commercialize obscure ideas*. Before the Internet meme, there was von Daniken.

But just as you wouldn't accept an Internet meme at face value, the fact is, you can never take these guys at face value either, whether von Daniken, or any of the rest -- David Icke, David Wilcock, etc. It is wiser to keep an open mind, recognizing that they need to make a living just as much as you and I but there are also gray areas in our understanding that they all point out.

If you are interested in this topic, I could suggest that you look into Graham Hancock, if you haven't done so already.

This is where Hancock comes in. Intellectually, he is von Daniken's descendent: he knows how to commercialize on just the right amount of "gray area" without stepping over it into the realm of aliens. But if you read his "Fingerprints of the Gods" carefully, and all the rest of his work prior to his reason interest in Shamans, what else is he pointing at? Of course he is arguing that we were visited by superior figures in earth's ancient past. But since it goes unstated I suppose you could interpret his works as suggesting that there really was an Atlantis with superior humans who traversed the earth and which is now forgotten to us. This just begs the question, though, where did the Atlanteans get their superior knowledge from?

The benefit of reading Hancock over von Daniken is that Hancock was a professional journalist prior to becoming a best selling author. Von Daniken? He did a stint in jail and wrote one of his books from there but as far as I can tell he did not have a prior profession. Which is just to say that I'd take Hancock's carefully reasoned arguments over von Daniken anyday but -- and this is my point -- the merits of both authors still have to be decided on a case-by-case basis. In some ways, Hancock is a great *writer of fiction*. Never forget that. But I believe his voice is much needed to balance the cold and objective (and snobbish) view of the academics. They haven't figured it all out, either, have they?

And neither have we.

Was very impressed with his concept of 'secret doorway' (The Pyramid Code S01E04 Empowered Human).
Hancock states that it was the field research that really helped him to allay his insecurities and inhibitions.

Von Daniken always maintained that his suggestions/observations were always suffixed by many an implicit question mark.

After having visited numerous sacred sites it becomes more and more apparent at least to me, that many older cultures' connection with and veneration of our
brothers from other 'mothers' is not all fable, folklore, circumstantial art or primitive yet sophisticated construction.
As you elude to.. presenting this conceptual shift to the pragmatic is fraught with the dogma of belief systems.

The legend holds that when the first Spaniards arrived in the new world, many natives did not immediately behold (see) the vision
of the sailing ships (relayed to me by a guide in Machu Picchu).

The future must of course hold more research (what's under the Sphinx?) and possibly government disclosure may substantiate the truth and go some way to satisfy the agnostic.
Maybe 2020 will be that year :0)

back on point though!
what is the basis for your belief in ancient alien theory?
what facts can you show me that back up your proposal?
links to sources?

aye anything to change the subject maybe.. there'll be no debate as there seems to be no nads in the possession of Mr Kenobi or he knows that whole flat earth is nonsense and is just a troll

Dude, you seem really intent on taking an aggressive stance here. Have you two had previous arguments before I started participating? I would contribute to this topic but you are bullying this discussion into muteness. Dial down the aggression and just let conversations take their natural course. wtf

this isn't aggressive. it's assertive. If you have never had a discussion with a Scotsman... you have now.
we are blunt but straight up. i don't much care for PC or bollocks and say things straight up.
If this offends... grow a pair really is the only suggestion. it's just words.
But, the passive aggressive won't wash with me bud.
If you have the belief in that ancient alien stuff... then debate it, defend it.... and I'll respond.
EDIT to add...
Have a gander at his comments which are dismissive and quite arrogant and absolutely avoiding anything remotely like a response.. a genuine response.. you gonna give him grief for that????? you saying those non response responses are absolutely fine???