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Earths Forbidden Secrets.Searching for the Past.Part 1.Maxwell Igan

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Earths Forbidden Secrets.Searching for the Past.Part One.Maxwell Igan.259pages


The universe is wildly more remarkable that we can perceive or understand. That goes in spades for the world of ancient civilizations. Maxwell isn't worried so much that we come to the same conclusions as he does as much as we have an opportunity learn a bit about that remarkable world and its peoples. If you subscribe as Maxwell does to the notion that we can't understand the present or even the future without understanding something about the past, then a readable look at ancient civilizations and the curious patterns that are woven there may have value for you. The PDF download includes an interactive table of contents. • If you enjoy this book you may also enjoy Maxwell's latest book, Earth's Forbidden Secrets and the Search of the Lost Code. You can order the book on Maxwell's website: • If you're intrigued by the accounts from all ancient cultures of what appear at first glance to be ancient atomic wars you may also be interested in Thunderbolts of the Gods by Wal Thornhill and David Talbott:

Pages: 259 43
Words: 120043 13640
Characters: 696682 81678
Lines: 1431 623

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