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Charles Socarides - Gay Conversion Therapy!!

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Charles Socarides - Gay Conversion Therapy!!

Purely for academic interest, I do not necessarily agree with this guy, or support his views. I find it fascinating though.

There must be more video somewhere as I've seen clips of longer parts.

There's a bit on YouTube:

But nothing on myanonymous, TPB, IPT, cinemageddon, etc

The Politics of Ecstasy a book by Timothy Leary

LSD is a specific cure for homosexuality. It's well known that most sexual perversions are the result not of biological binds but of freaky, dislocating childhood experiences of one kind or another. Consequently, it's not surprising that we've had many cases of long-term homosexuals who, under LSD, discover that they are not only genitally but genetically male, that they are basically attracted to females. The most famous and public of such cases is that of Allen Ginsberg, who has openly stated that the first time he turned on to women was during an LSD session several years ago. Bui this is only one of many such cases. Chapter 7: She comes in colours

An extremely attractive girl came down to our training center in Mexico. She was a Lesbian and she was very active sexually, but all of her energy was devoted to making it with girls. She was at an LSD session at one of our cottages and went down to the beach and saw this young man in a bathing suit and flash! for the first time in her life the cellular electricity was flowing in her body and it bridged the gap. Her subsequent sexual choices were almost exclusively members of the opposite sex. Chapter 7: She comes in colours

LSD is also a powerful panacea for impotence and frigidity, both of which, like homosexuality, are symbolic screw-ups. The LSD experience puts you in touch with the wisdom of your body, of your nervous system, of your cells, of your organs. And the closer you get to the message of the body, the more obvious it becomes that it's constructed and designed to procreate and keep the life stream going. When you're confronted with this basic cellular fact under LSD, you realize that your impotency, or your frigidity, is caused by neuropsychological hang-ups of fear or shame that make no sense to your cells, that have nothing to do with the biochemical forces inside your body urging you to merge and mate with a member of the opposite sex. Chapter 7: She comes in colours

we've found that in giving LSD to members of monastic sects, there has been a definite tendency for them to leave the monastic life and to find a mating relationship. Several were men in their late 40s who had been monks for 15 or 20 years, but who even at this mature age returned to society, married and made the heterosexual adjustment. It's not coincidental that of all those I've given LSD to, the religious group -- more than 200 ministers, priests, divinity students and nuns -- has experienced the most intense sexual reaction. And in two religious groups that prize chastity and celibacy, there have been wholesale defections of monks and nuns who left their religious orders to get married after a series of LSD experiences. The LSD session, you see, is an overwhelming awakening of experience; it releases potent, primal energies, and one of these is the sexual impulse, which is the strongest impulse at any level of organic life. For the first time in their lives, perhaps, these people were meeting head-on the powerful life forces that they had walled off with ritualized defenses and self-delusions. Chapter 7: She comes in colours
Alfredo Garcia (Elbow Punch)

Not sure about this.

I acquired a particular number of doses of LSD, about five, and I had intended they were all for me.

However a friend had joined me that weekend, and I ended up giving him half of the doses.

During my trip, I had the insight that those doses were indeed destined for me, drawn into being as a result of my intention, and that some of the insight and healing energy within them had been consumed by him.

The only way to get that energy back; was gay sex.

So basically, LSD made me gay. Or it tried to, I didn't go for it, we'll have to wait for a future lifetime where we are the opposite sex, or molluscs, or something.


Canada is about to ban gay conversion therapy because it is based on the premise that being gay is wrong - which is no longer widely accepted to be true.

I have my own shadow material in this regard as well that psychedelics may or may not bring to light. I guess it is what it is and we are who we are!


I think that's a pity, what Socarides said may not be very politically correct, but it's a workable theory.

I do sadly know gay men who aren't happy that they are gay.

I don't even think Socarides would describe it as morally wrong.


It used to be considered a mental illness. I am not sure about that, but Freud's thoughts on early childhood experiences and the libido are probably workable theories as well. I think homosexuality is a psychological condition, not necessarily hereditary. And earlier generations of gays, back before there was a platform and a closet to come out of, had and have a harder time of it. It's especially difficult for the ones that have arrested development on top of being gay as well. For them certain therapies such as 'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy' might help.

i don't know about you guys...

but it looks like i've turned into some hyper-sexist lesbian in the meanwhile, despite being a man...
the human organism is a complex one and there's a comment i made about kevin spacey, for example
i would like to ask him a funny question along lines of "how do you feel now, being a closeted heterosexual?"
because he may be a homosexual as he claims, but he doesn't engage in faggotry...what's the difference?
i don't know about you guys, but i'm totally biased here...lesbian's okay, gay's...not to my particular liking.
if they're good people, who cares, it seems that many are (for whatever reason), actually, all homosexuals i've met,
seem to be of a higher quality order of a what's that about? are they onto something here?
it's hilarious like the local sports fields, where youth during quarantine started leaving dating adverts and their phone numbers there
anything from nine year old girl looking for a member of the opposite sex to meet and teenagers looking for full-on sex....
it's written as permanent marker graffiti there which is rather nice, they've got their instagrams and snapchats all written down there
which is totally NOT weird if you ask me, the logic is simple: "i'm too young to die, please, come on, i need to find someone, just in case..."

St. Albert City Council passes motion

My home city of St. Albert, AB, Canada passed a motion back in July 2020.

St. Albert City Council unanimously passes motion to crack down on conversion therapy
By Phil Heidenreich Global News
Posted July 8, 2019 4:36 pm

The motion that was passed by St. Albert City Council was to allow for changing local land use and business licensing bylaws to clarify that conversion therapy is “neither a permitted nor a discretionary use in any land use classification.” and to establish that “conversion therapy is not a lawful business activity in St. Albert and no business licence shall be issued for any person or organization that has conversion therapy as part of its business activities.”
Once the changes are approved, city councillors would like a $10,000 fine for anyone who offers or advertises conversion therapy services to young people.
Full article:

Related: Edmonton bylaw passed in 2019

What happened to freedom of choice?

If people want the therapy, how is it harmful?


As I understand it, it is often gay teenagers who are forced to go by their Christian parents!

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