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CDS MMS Sodium Chlorite - Ultra-Powerful Antibiotic [pack]

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CDS MMS Sodium Chlorite - Ultra-Powerful Antibiotic [pack] MMS Miracle Mineral Solution - Supernatural Miracle or Toxic Poison? Aerospace engineer Jim Humble's third career started accidentally while on a gold prospecting trip in the jungle of Venezuela. There, using stabilized oxygen, he improvised an effective remedy for his colleagues who were stricken with malaria. As curious as he had always been in his life, he returned to his native US and wondered why the cure had worked so well. The answers to his own questions led him to the development of a more powerful form of oxygen therapy, chlorine dioxide, which he called Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). With a mission to help the human race whatever he did, Jim made it widely available in the form of sodium chlorite which the user 'activated' by adding lemon juice or vinegar - and medical teams conducted 100,000 research trials in Africa where it was found that MMS would frequently relieve the symptoms of malaria in as little as four hours. What is MMS? MMS is just a name given to the formula “discovered” by Jim Humble in 1999 while deep within the mining jungles of South America. Jim is a scientist by trade and the discovery was almost accidental. Members of Jim’s mining team had contracted Malaria days away from any medical facilities. Jim had no radios or cell phones to call for help. Luckily he had a substance called stabilized oxygen with him. He gave the infected men a drink which consisted of water and many drops of stabilized oxygen. Within hours they were greatly improved, they stopped shivering, got their appetite back and were eating. In days the men had no signs of the life threatening Malaria and Jim was completely amazed at the outcome. Jim’s discovery would change the course of human health history forever. Once he realized what he was on to he wouldn’t stop until he knew what exactly was occurring. He discovered that stabilized oxygen didn’t always work; it had a success rate of around 70%, but Jim wanted to know why? During Jim’s search for an answer he was bitten by several mosquitoes unintentionally and contracted Malaria himself. Making a possible fatal decision he waited to start treatment until he could get his blood tested by a hospital to document his results. The blood test results confirmed he had Malaria; he started his own specialized regiment of what would evolve into MMS. He went back to the hospital a few days later and his blood tested negative for Malaria, Jim was sure he found the cure for Malaria. Jim now knows that MMS can be very effective against much more than just Malaria. People have used it for Lyme Disease, Cancer, Flu, everyday colds and viruses and much more as we’ll discuss later on in the guide. But for now I hope this brief history of MMS will suffice. What is MMS made of, and is it safe? MMS is merely a chemical formula NaClO2 (sodium chlorite) and when activated with citric acid it turns into Chlorine Dioxide which is found naturally in the human body to fight off disease! You may be thinking isn’t Chlorine extremely dangerous, yes it is! But Chlorine Dioxide is NOT the same as the Chlorine you clean your home and wash your clothes in. While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, its chemistry is radically different from that of chlorine. The way it works is almost magical. It has to do with the way electrons interact with one another. As we all learned in high school chemistry, we can mix two compounds and create a third that bears little resemblance to its parents. The use of Chloride Dioxide for human consumption is not new, in fact it has been used for the bleaching of flour and for the disinfection of municipal drinking water. The Niagara Falls, New York water treatment plant first used chlorine dioxide for drinking water treatment in 1944 for phenol destruction. It is also quite commonly used in food processing. Jim has an easy to follow set of instructions when taking MMS, it’s virtually impossible to be in any danger when following his protocol. I personally started MMS a while back and have felt great ever since, some people do get nausea, but believe it or not that is a good sign that you are ridding your body of toxins and is often short term. In fact my wife, mother and children are all now taking MMS; you better believe I think it is safe if I allow my children to take it, of course for them, we mix it with grape juice, but more on this later. Why isn’t MMS more widely known? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am a realist. The drug companies make over 200 BILLION a year and spend close to 4 BILLION on TV ads pushing their “fixes”. Do you think they want you to know about MMS which has reportedly cured many diseases and only costs pennies per dose compared to the hundreds of dollars some of these drugs cost per single dose. The drug companies spend less than 1/20th of their income to develop new drugs and research. The rest, well they have shareholders you know, highly paid executives with private planes and don’t forget about all the expensive lobbyist they have to pay to make sure their rights are protected. In fact Jim Humble made this statement in his book... “ FDA has announced its intentions of shutting down at least 50% of the alternative medical businesses. The new law enacted by congress gives the FDA the right to require that all supplements be tested to prove their efficacy. That means that the FDA can stop any supplement at any time and require testing. It could cost up to $100,000,000 for a single supplement. While more than 900,000 people die from drugs each year, the health industry does not average one death a year. But should someone even report being sick from a health supplement the FDA can and does stop every supplement of that kind in the country. In several cases, even though nothing was wrong, the supplement was never allowed back on the shelves. Now with this new law, just from what they have said they are going to do, it is obvious that the FDA intends that nothing but drugs will eventually be available to those who are sick. “ In my opinion drugs treat the symptoms of the problem, but never try to cure it. I’m sure you have found others that said similar statements. I have watched family members start on a drug only to have side effects from that drug and then need another drug to treat the side effects and the rollercoaster continues. All at the expense of the persons health and income. audio ep 102 jim humble 5-20-2013.mp3 MMS Miracle Mineral Solution; Supernatural Miracle or Toxic Poison.mp3 ebooks Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide - The Truth.pdf The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium, partial free, 2011.pdf The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, cancer MMS02.pdf text How to Make MMS & CDS How to make chlorine dioxide.pdf List of uses - MMS Miracle mineral supplement - Jim, Humble.pdf Miracle Mineral.pdf MMS Protocols.pdf MMS Usage Chart.pdf MMS attacked by the usual suspects Enforcement Actions against Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Marketers.pdf Jim Humble’s Response to ABC News 20-20 Program of October 29, 2016.pdf May 28, 2015 Seller of Miracle Mineral Solution Convicted for Marketing Toxic Chemical as a Mirac.pdf Jim Humble - The Story Behind Miracle Mineral Supplement.pdf MMS Mechanics.pdf Nexus MMS Article, July 2009.pdf Psycho-Oncology - The 6 Phases of Cancer.pdf The Fundamentals for using MMS MMS Miracle mineral supplement - Jim, Humble.pdf The Miracle Mineral Supplement Guide.pdf videos How to Make MMS & CDS CDS Clorine dioxide solution (MMS) by Andreas Kalcker.mp4 How to make MMS solution.mp4 MMS - How to make CDS - with Jim Humble.mp4 MMS to CDS Brewery.mp4 New MMS 1000 protocol.mp4 Interviews & Lectures Andreas Kalcker MMS Conference Forbidden Health.mp4 Dr Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne 2014 - Successful Treatment of Autism.mp4 Dr Andreas Kalcker CD, MMS, Sodium Chlorite Autism, ALS, Cancer, Healing Disease.mp4 Jim Humble and the Story behind MMS.mp4 MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution - It Has Incredible Benefits.mp4 MMS Autism Webinar - May 9, 2012, Jim Humble & Andreas Kalcker.mp4 Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the Man Behind MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement.mp4 Straight Talk on MMS - Guest Andreas Kalcker.mp4 tags: MMS, CDS, healing, health, antibiotics, disinfection, disease, drugs, Jim Humble
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It works.
Also worth trying hydrogen peroxide, there’s a good book called “One Minute Miracle” or similar.

However I have put both aside to instead take Methylene Blue, which seems to be more gentle and works better, plus is easier to deal with.