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090806 - Intelligent talk for Intelligent people

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090806 - Intelligent talk for Intelligent people

1. Hogarl is interviewed, a German conspiracy-theorist.

2. Topics include:

* The German conspiracy community: Infokrieg et al.
+ No-Planers like Nico Haupt are on mindcontrol drugs, PaulaGloria is an operative who handles him now.

* Zionist Jews who write negative comments on anti-Talmudic Torrents on TPB (lodger111, chisenaumoldova).
+ They spread child pornagraphy (i.e. "child models" from the same accounts.
+ Hogarl also discusses the Holohoax indoctriation he received during schooling.

* Anti-Zionism is not about hating Jews, there are many Jews in the anti-Zionist Movement.
+ Henry Makow (himself a Jew) is being hunted by Candian Jewish Congress.
+ Leland Lehmann (himself a Jew) hosts The Global Research News Hour with Michel Chossudovsky.
+ The Anti-Zionist League want to be the center of attention and are attacking DBS and Ognir.
- Viktor Thorne and Charles Guliani are affiliated with AZL.

* Strange characters in the Conspiracy Community:
+ Alan Watt can not even afford a mic, but lives well, saved from all the chemtrails, GM0s and such.
+ John Alan Martinson is now a black supremacist satanist.
+ Tim Rifat is a facinating character on the Jeff Rense Show.

* Current events in the Conspiracy Community:
+ Jewflu, what you going to do about the mandatory vaccinations?
+ President Dr. Ahmadinejad is being attacked by the Synagogue of Satan.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony - Ode an die Freude
Randy Crawford - Street life
DJ Tomekk - Ich Liebe für Hip-Hop