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The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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This is an epic 9-part documentary series, based on several books, that was rapidly "debunked" and withdrawn - so clearly deserves a close look.

The man behind it, Stephen Rivele, later said
"Two points I would add: I saw a documentary TV show last year about the KGB's investigation of the assassination, and was amazed to learn that they came to the same conclusion as me. Second, I was contacted two years ago by a former CIA agent (who worked in the mind control program among others), who told me that I was right about the assassination. Small comfort but better than nothing."

If anyone has some input either way to prove or disprove it, I'd be interested. The French military claimed one of the alleged assassins was in military service at the time, as alibi, which is possible but still needs corroborating - it's the sort of evidence that can be manufactured as a diplomatic favour, without too much effort.

The KGB documentary mentioned above seems to be on YouTube - there is one with Roger Moore, if that's it.

These files are directly from the DVD - converted from VOB to MKV without re-encoding or further compression, to preserve quality. If there is demand I would be happy to compress them.

The documentary can also be found on LBRY, and probably elsewhere.


I'm a Brit, when I visited Austin, Texas, my friends took me to the actual mini golf course featured in the documentary.

one of the episides in particular was subject to litigation
from the wiki page

The original broadcast was controversial in Britain. The episodes identified three men as the assassins of Kennedy: deceased drug trafficker Lucien Sarti and two living men (Roger Bocagnani and Sauveur Pironti). All three were later revealed to have strong alibis: Sarti was undergoing medical treatment in France, another was in prison at the time, and the third had been in the French Navy. One of the two living men threatened to sue, and Central Television's own subsequent investigation into the allegations revealed they were "total nonsense". Turner justified his failure to interview one of the accused on the grounds that the individual was "too dangerous". Turner was censured by the British Parliament. The Independent Broadcasting Authority forced Central Television to produce a third episode dedicated to the false allegations, which aired on November 16, 1988, which was later referred to as a "studio crucifixion" of Turner and his inaccuracies.

That bastion of impartial truth.

zoopenhoff wrote:

That bastion of impartial truth.

oh fuck my old boots. it's not as if it's anything of absolute earth shattering proportions is it?
it was a lawsuit by people named and blamed .
it's not fucking rocket science is it?

... the Wag the Dog movie and all will be clear. With the bonus of a sense of humor !

I have been seeding this for decades ;-)

Interesting, on which tracker, and what else do they have?

I thought you meant you’d been seeding the Kennedy doc

I think about LBJ's family taking issue with an episode too.

... wish to go deeper in this swamp, the book:

ties Oswald with the virus mythology that is so fashionable in this day and age...

There are interviews with the author of this book in several places on the Web.

There is a pretty good Podcast on this as well.

It would be interesting to compare the info in this with the book RFK Jr recommends.

also - "documentary TV show last year about the KGB's investigation of the assassination"

I guess that's this?