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Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

I give unto you.. the Queen of Shitty Robots, Simone Gertz!
she's funny, intelligent nerdy
I had a good few chuckles to this today.

have a look art her other stuff. funny as fuck.
Also when she turned her Tesla into a pick up before Tesla even announced their own one.

Also a very brave lady too who has battle brain tumours twice... she's full og win in my books.... did i mention she's funny as fuck?


Thanks for sharing. She is excellent!

aye she's..

Articulate, intelligent, creative and funny as fuck bud!
ALSO... another entertaining and educational channel is ElectroBOOM
Run by an iranian guy who got out of Iran and lives in Canada.
Very good at what he does and electrocutes himself a lot so we don't have to!

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