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Witnessed Massive UFO Fleet

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Witnessed Massive UFO Fleet

Between 4:20am to 4:24am 1/2/2020 New Zealand Time in Christchurch.
I was standing outside having a smoke and was looking up admiring the stars when i saw about 6 evenly spaced objects of different colours flying fast in a straight line followed by about 50 white colored objects with a long space and then another 100 or more white colored objects. Every single one was moving across the sky very fast at exactly the same speed and direction. They looked exactly like stars but were definitely a lot lower. They all had exactly the same light luminosity apart from the first six which appeared to be much brighter. No sound was heard.
Don't think I can provide any other information but WOW! Whatever that was looked pretty cool.
I don't know how high up they were but much higher than aircraft and they blurred out the stars as they crossed.
It may have been one extremely long UFO with lots of bright lights on it for all I know as it was all in line.
I don't know if anyone will find this interesting, so I'm just putting this out there in case other people come forward saying they saw the same thing.

Was it ...
Brilliant. Thank you very

Brilliant. Thank you very much. Yes that was exactly it.
Saw great photos from Google Images of the Starlink Mission which is exactly what I saw. It was pretty incredible seeing something like that without knowing it was an Elon Musk SpaceX launch. I feel even more excited now that I have learned that I witnessed the biggest satellite launch in human history.
I wonder how many dollars that cost.
Isn't he planning on launching a massive spaceship to some distant moon in about five years time with hundreds of people onboard?

Once again, thanks a lot for informing me of what I saw. From the unknown to the known in less than twelve hours. I wonder how many other people saw it and wondered what the hell it was.

You're welcome!

I saw a meteor once flying very low and rotating as it burned. Unforgettable.

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