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Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms

Now that the season for magic mushrooms is upon us

get Paul Stamets Psilocybin mushrooms identification guide

Happy Hunting


Psilocybin mushrooms identification guide

Thanks, kindly. Looks like a great reference.

it is

it is
got the book and it have been very helpful

invest in buying the book at paul stamets site

Let me know if any of you are

Let me know if any of you are visited by non-corporeal (extraterrestrial?) beings that greet you with a display of carnival-like light show and rides with strange buzzing-type music. I reckon this "amusement" is their form of communicating with us (i.e. a greeting), but they come because they need to feed/attracted to the mushroom entity in our blood/consciousness.

It is my understanding that the mushroom inside of a human being acts like a beacon that attracts these beings, and once they are done "feeding" they leave, BUT a portal open; they can only come "feed on humans" by opening a portal that permits them to travel between different realms.

When they leave either they are aware that they leave this portal open, or they don't, but it doesn't matter because this leaves humans 3-4 hours to explore other realms/reality/levels of consciousness/awareness.

It is also my experience that they require humans to take very large doses in order to be attracted to us; anything to small is only a physical trip with slight overtones of ego dissolving consciousness direct experiences.

By large doses I'm referring to anything between 10-25 gram (dry) of Cubensis, for example.

It is very frightening at first to take such heroic doses, because your psyche will manifest all sorts of disturbing images and your bodies strange sensations, but once you "slay that dragon" the "guardian of the threshold" will "let you pass".

You can build a relationship with these strange non-corporeal beings, so that their greeting/entertainment, very different form of communication, becomes less disturbing where they do what they do and leave quickly so you can explore in peace without any disturbances (i.e. crazy shit going on).

Note: when they feed you may experience the phenomenon as "convulsions" and it can get pretty scary, but they never hurt you, they work at the cellular level. I let the energy flow from my root chakra up to my heart chakra purposely giving them more energy; which I sense is a form of protection and appreciation from them.

The 3-4 hours of exploration is what makes it worth while, IMO.

It's not a recreation drug at all; it's a shamanic experience if you take large doses and learn to navigate through the "feeding".


for aliensDMT

for aliens

they are not "aliens", but extra dimentional entities
and they don't feed in the traditional sense
they like the energy created from interacting with our empathic love energy field
as a dynamo makes a bikelamp shine

EDIT: and we heal from it


"Extra dimensional entities".

"Extra dimensional entities"... Yeah that's more like it. Thanks for find the right words.

Perhaps they like our 'love energy", but I also get the feeling they are doing "something" at the molecular level/cell level. This part has nothing to do with love, per say. I'm not sure what it is they are doing... It could be a side effect of being in their presence, or it can be part of what I call the "feeding/healing process".

Can you please describe your experience/relationship with them? I'm curious to know if they have a definite form that all humans perceive in a similar fashion, or if their form is "user-specific", according to the person's imagination?

It could also be that more than one type of being is attracted to the mushroom/cubensis-human symbiosis, therefore we are seeing different things. But, we should be seeing the same beings, shouldn't we?

I drew a picture of what they look like, when they operate on the body and will try to upload a picture. In a nut shell, it's like miniature snowmen (with two balls) and some sort of prongs (antenna?) used to make contact with our bodies. I only see these "snowmen" when they "feed", in all other instances it's just a light show with many different 3-D forms, and the sounds (music/language?).

When they come it's obvious; it's like one second I'm alone with myself the next I feel them coming and then BINGO, they are there without any doubt.

I wish I could film the process, it would make a spectacular movie!

We need to find language to talk about these experiences. It's so difficult, but would be useful for our OVERstanding of muti-dimensional beings and our relationship to them; what they bring to our consciousness and the overall purpose of universal reality.


Here is the picture:

looks like spores to me
interesting similarity indeed

interesting similarity indeed!

Hmmm, interesting connection

Hmmm, interesting connection between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm... Either I travelled into a portion of the shroom life cycle, or the being's consciousness uses the spore-form of the shroom's physical body to manifest itself?

Cool indeed.

happy hunted

happy hunted

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