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Best Sources of Info?

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Best Sources of Info?

3 years into Covid there is still no single truly excellent source of trustworthy information.

6 years since Hypernormalisation that's still not a solved problem. it really should be.

What are your best sites or other sources?

Can anyone suggest a platform or software we could use to crowd-source an awesome directory?

The only problem I see with

The only problem I see with this potential endeavor is that everybody, each individual, has their own version of truth and what it is. Even issues which should be fundamentally straightforward issues become politicized and more or less dogmatic religious beliefs.

It is a real problem, unfortunately...

can we

Can we categorise by... discernment policy? how people arrive at truth?

Sure! At least most of us

Sure! At least most of us here on ConCen, like 75% of us, are in general agreement over the COVID issue. We may have alienated the others, but I guess that's okay. But there are still some variations in how we approached the COVID issue.

I don't venture outside of BitTorrent sites too often, but I guess sites like Ickonick are still reasonably reputable. Although I noticed they recently did a Graham Hancock interview, which may or may not muddy their waters!

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