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Ancient Civilizations- season 4 (2022)

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Ancient Civilizations- season 4 (2022)

Hey guys, can anyone afford this and upload on Concen?

Ancient Civilizations- season 4 (2022)

S4 Ep1 Pre-Diluvian Civilizations

S4 Ep2 Zep Tepi The Lost History of Egypt

S4 Ep3 Lost Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent

S4 Ep4 Underground Cities of Cappadocia

S4 Ep5 The Sunken Kingdom of Krishna

S4 Ep6 Moai Megaliths of Easter Island

S4 Ep7 The Layers of Machu Picchu

S4 Ep8 Megalithic Mysteries of Lake Titicaca

S4 Ep9 Pre-Diluvian Architects of Palenque

S4 Ep10 Japanese Megaliths & the Mu Empire

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much, my dear friend! Since the links will be expired in 8 hours can I upload them on Concen, so anyone will be be able to download them?

of course you can, you always

of course you can, you always can
but i don't think links will expire in 8 hours, but i'm no expert on that hosting

Oh thank you my dear bro!

Thanks bro! I will do it right now!

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