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Steven Greer backfill

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Steven Greer backfill

I was looking on my site and realized I have neither Sirius or Unacknowledged up. Looking on my hard drives, no Unacknowledged. Looking on Concen... Neither, and all I've got is a crap 480p of Sirius - looks like he's got the 1080P on Youtube though.

I'm like did aliens pilfer my collection and did Greer send a litany of DMCAs to concen?

Any leads on HD torrent of Unacknowledged would be appreciated.

I do know that Steven Greer

I do know that Steven Greer personally sent a letter to the people that run the site that ConCen is running on, and almost got us all in trouble in that regard, but I don't think he has done the DMCAs, as far as I know. I don't think he has anyone on his team that knows how to do that. It was Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind that he complained about. I don't think he wants any of his stuff on BitTorrent, but I think the audiobooks are here. Unacknowledged etc. Maybe somebody else can find the film...

p.s. The 2-hour and 4-hour witness testimony videos from The Disclosure Project are also very interesting and worthwhile to have.

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