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Ratios. Come on guys.

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Ratios. Come on guys.

Concen is unusual among specialist torrent sites that it doesn't monitor your ratio.

Guys, please set your ratio so that you upload at LEAST 2 copies of each torrent to other people. Ideally 3-5 copies.

If everyone made sure their client was set to upload 2 copies, there would never be an issue with seeds.


I guess the majority of ConCen's users do not use a seedbox and probably do not even understand the concept of a ratio. I usually just leave my torrents uploading 24/7 as much as I can, even though there is a 50gb restriction on my public tracker torrent uploads. I have a way to set it back to 0 again and keep seeding. I have done hit n runs on a private tracker before and got banned and had to reinstate my account, which took forever. So I am always mindful of seeding now.


I've been uploading some of the parts for ages now - hopefully everyone will catch up soon. It really is only fair to upload the files downloaded and really the only way this site
can continue.

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