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flat earth

Flat Earth Files 3 - Collection of 131

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131 videos. More to follow.

NASA Files: Flat Earth Edition - Collection of 54

4.57 GiB00214
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This is a collection of NASA and Space-X shenanigans files. Included also are some Space-X launch and landing files that are not being lampooned. I included them so downloaders could get a better view of and an idea of what is being done to fool them and so they could pick them apart themselves. Mucho fakery here folks.

51 videos
1 pdf file
2 pics

Flat Earth Files 2 - Collection of 65

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Another batch of Flat Earth files. More to follow.

65 videos

Flat Earth Files - Collection of 56

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This is a collection of videos and books on the subject of the Flat Earth. I prefer the term Earth Realm but that's just me. I downloaded these from Youtube before they deleted or hid them with algorithms. Some are still there but you have to know the channel name they were on....not necessarily the name of the video title.

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