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Hi everybody - I'm glad ConCen is back! I've been around since 2006. ConCen has been the heart of the "truth movement" for me.

Thanks to the administrators!


Welcome, Jesse! Don't be a

Welcome, Jesse! Don't be a stranger. Unless and until the old posts are restored the new site is going to need some input to grow on.

Thanks! Am already enjoying

Thanks! Am already enjoying the new site.

Easy Skanking
Thanks for the thumbs up. We

Thanks for the thumbs up. We hope the new setup will fit the bill.

Much appreciated!!

Thank you to all those behind the scenes, whose resolve and efforts have resulted in the resurrection
of one of the most prestigious and relevant sites ever to resurface on the web!!

From Administrators to Moderators all, your relentless perseverance is inspiring, genuinely valued and sincerely appreciated!!!

Keep up the excellent work.

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