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Help! Server bills piling up again!

Please donate if you can. I'm down to my last few dollars. Server bills coming up this week!


You're truly one of the long term faithful....

How are you going to get that to the server company given cash is the devil these days? :-p

I wonder if your Prime-Minister snorted a hefty line thru that note???!

And on that note about a NOTE....

I heard an account I fully trust the source of about Pierre True-Dough and his son at a posh bastards type weekend meet-up in a mansion the other week... seems they were one of the first to take FREEBASING equipment around to partys regularly.....

It's funny too, because Canada doesn't actually have 150 dollar bills!

I heard from Dennis McKenna, that he heard from a reliable source that our current Trudeau is hip to DMT. I am not sure I believe that, but it's a McKenna brother... it seems relatively legit.

Sent my token gesture.... despite my car needing a highly expensive new 4WD drive-shaft thingy...

No chasing plasma based intelligent craft over the hills for me at present...

Bet anyone reading this has an empathetic cosmic tear in their eye right now.

I just spent nearly 900 on brake pads and rotors yesterday. Then I found out a friend at work could do the same work on the car and get the same parts for like 1/3rd of the price. When it comes to cars, it helps to do a lot of that kind of stuff yourself. But I know nothing about cars, but drive a ton!

Never mind your auto story which included a car part I've never heard of called "row-//Tors²"....

- did you have a cosmic tear welling up for me and my far more tragic situation? :-o

Yes, I feel for you - and all of us who are probably slaves to the system (and our cars).

I still don't really know what rotors are, but are related to brakes somehow.

Are you prepared to tell us in an open digital setting Mr Corsaiir what job type you do presently?

No worries if not.

I just heard that in rural parts of Canada - there's a load of cash in hand [as we call tax free income in England] work at a certain season when bootleg maple syrup is strangley being ejaculated out of your hefty trees??

I saw one setup with strings going between trres and mini buckETs nailed to trunks to collect the sentient sweet pancake goo...

Not a fan of the stuff myself - but there again I can't abide ice hockey, normal hockey or football. Probably a link there you reckon? :-p

Well, I am not an Uber driver (although that's another one to consider) - but I am a self-contracted delivery driver for our reputable Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, 4-8 hours a night. As well as also receiving a disability pension and other stuff like that. It's a humble and simple existence, but I try to survive in style and have managed to accumulate a reasonable enough amount of money.

Yes, the maple trees are primarily found in Eastern Canada - I am right on the West Coast/Pacific ocean. All of the greatest of Canadian stereotypes are actually mostly all Eastern Canadian, like the French connection and the variations of Canadian accents and pop culture.

Well good for you - you assist ppl by having posted stuff here for years and sounds like you deliver old skool data via printed news also? :-)

OK - accent wise I need to work this out... East versus West coast....

I was watcheding the TV series called ALONE yesterday and there was a guy from LABRADOR or ONTERIO - i forget which - but he had an accent like someone from backwoods Norfolk in England - he pronounced the fish he caught which was a pike as a POOIKE etc.

So what area of Canada has the most drastic accent along those lines in your opinion??

How does east coast differ accent wise to west?

I'm a long term accent and langauge studier...

Subscribers for the original old school printed paper are slowly dwindling away, as many are migrating to online news. Which is understandable, and okay. Years ago almost everyone had a paper subscription.

I think the East Coast Canadian accent is heavily influenced by their more Irish and Scottish immigrants from back in the day. Ontario and Newfoundland and provinces over there have that distinct accent, probably the most. And then Quebec is French speaking, so the French/Canadian culture is from there.

I was just reading about it online, and there's a pretty good summary of Canadian accents here:

Thx for link.

But yes you're right re IRISH / SCOTS accents pervading Canada...

Additionally the same accents can be just about heard in parts of Scandinavia...

A few years back I had a theory that there's something CORE or CRUCIAL to the SCOTS/IRISH language "carrier wave" - that means other cultures, despite space and time, pick up this sound...

If that makes sense at all??

And I've not yet started on WElSH and why it's apparently THE ONLY language on our planET that can adequately translate authentic Egyptian heiroglyphics ??


PS - "humble" lifestyles means that at our age we've learned what's right for us to maintain a degree of stability and sanity - I call that a WISE existence ;-)

Where's everyone else??

Shuffle - I read somewhere that Welsh is supposed to be directly related to the old Hebrew language, more so than any other.
Agree with the Canadian language having a tint of Irish accent - and that would be the Sthn Irish. Half my family are Irish and
spent many stints on the Sthn coast.

Give me an address and I'll send silver next time ;)

TexasRanger wrote:

Give me an address and I'll send silver next time ;)

hmmm.... this has me thinking.. Texas Ranger... silver.... cowboys.....fuck me it's the Lone Ranger! :P
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Hahaha not a cowboy unfortunately but I do like mowing the yard. I already sent off a donation to the PayPal this morning!

Thanks very much for your donation. Much appreciated!