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Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun - Bad Blood (2024) [1080p] 2-part doc

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As the greatest poet and pop icon of our times, Taylor has attracted more than her fair share of haters. It seems like the more beautiful and talented she becomes, the more criticism she gets just for taking her jet for a spin.

Find Taylor's discography here.


LOL! A Swiftie, eh? I noticed the discography was only 2006-2020...

I don't rate Tortured Poets, it sounds like it was mixed for a high school music project.

Midnights is ok, it was the only disco I could link

when she had it at Murray field stadium. there was one yank lassie who said that "the locals spoiled it" as they were drinking etc.. who the fuck does some random visitor to the country think she is moaning about how Scots like to party the night away?? lol
if you don't like people drinking then please do feel free not to come.
i was about 2 miles away from it in Morningside visiting a friend and you could hear the music over the video we were watching.
don't find that kind of music very interesting or appealing but music is subjective.