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The Plandemic Trilogy

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The Plandemic series is an eye-opening collection of films that dares to explore untold narratives. The series is widely recognized as the first to warn the world of crimes against humanity that are now being brought to light.

Plandemic 1

The first Plandemic, a 26-minute documentary released May 2020, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record. This documentary exposes hidden agendas, questions mainstream narratives, and sparks a global conversation.

Plandemic 2: Indoctornation

The October 2020 premiere of Plandemic 2: Indoctornation set streaming records with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream. Journey deeper into the web of deception as Plandemic 2 uncovers the untold stories and exposes the powerful forces manipulating our world.

Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening

Witness the culmination of truth-seeking as the 2023 release of Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening unravels the layers of corruption and unveils a path towards a brighter future. Prepare to be inspired, awakened, and empowered to take a stand for liberty.

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I thought I remembered hearing Robert Kennedy Jr or somebody saying somewhere that COVID was a global military rehearsal for future pandemics expected to kill billions. Am I mistaken?

I fear that you are correct. These people have already demonstrated their willingness to mass murder for profit.

Type of infectious agent
Parasitism is a close relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or inside another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life. The entomologist E. O. Wilson characterised parasites as "predators that eat prey in units of less than one". Wikipedia"

ConCen wrote:

I fear that you are correct. These people have already demonstrated their willingness to mass murder for profit.

These people get to mass murder due to the [m]asses obedience.

... virus.
Never was and never will be. From parasites to electromagnetic radiation poisoning, we have been bombarded.
Do not accept any kind of injection - EVER.