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Ickonic Classified s01e54 Garth Sky Walker: The Mysteries of Mount Shasta

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The 13 tribes that surround Mount Shasta do not agree on much, but one thing they do all agree on is that Mount Shasta is a sacred portal and a place of healing. The mysteries and stories that trace back to the mountain go back to the stories of Lumeria and Atlantis. Is Mount Shasta a portal between two realms? the place that the Lumerians escaped to when their continent of Mu sank beneath the floods along with Atlantis, in a mutually destructive war millions of years ago? . And perhaps more importantly are we about to repeat this devastation all over again? Garth Sky Walker joins us from Mount Shasta to give his personal insight into this fascinating location.


"Lumerians " ..... shouldn't that be "Lemurians" from "Mu"?