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QAnon: The Search For Q (2021)

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Take a comprehensive look at the who, what, and why of the viral movement QAnon

What is Q?

To understand what Q is and why it has been so enormously popular, hosts Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements get to know the most influential QAnon evangelists.

Who is Q?

In an effort to determine if Q was created as an elaborate hoax or clandestine operation, Bayan and Marley are forced into the dangerous world of internet trolls.

Why Does Q Exist?

Bayan and Marley examine Q's impact on the American electorate as Q theories spread from the far-right to the far-left, and as more crimes are committed in the name of Q.

Killing Q

QAnon posted a month before January 6. Fueled by conspiracies about a stolen election and Covid, the movement is alive. Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements investigate.


Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements investigate the movement that is seeing pastors at giant rallies inspire a new generation of Q-inspired spiritual warriors.


The Jan. 6 insurrection failed, but a failed coup is often a test run. Marley Clements and Bayan Joonam investigate the new war waged by Anons in school boards and local elections.

The Reckoning

The powerful forces behind the ongoing QAnon conspiracies threaten to undermine future elections. Bayan and Marley go behind the scenes to investigate. And Q posts again.


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