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David Icke The Dot Connector s06e12 (2024.04.05) This Is What Happens When You Give Your Power Away, To A Few People...

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Jaymie & David Icke dive into the Middle East to discuss Israel's recent actions under international law. But that's not all! They also explore the uproar over Scottish hate laws, highlighting how leaders of the two major parties in 96% white Scotland are of Pakistani descent. It's an intriguing discussion on diversity and representation. Did you know in Pakistan, non-Muslims can't hold top positions? Let's talk about fairness and what's right. Then, they delve into media control extremes, including an eye-opening interview with a former American host on the limitations she faced interviewing Joe Biden. And of course, they unravel the mystery of the COVID vaccine, its contents, and its alleged connection to Elon Musk's electromagnetic cloud.