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The Truth vs Alex Jones (2024) [1080p]

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shruggity shrug.

Alex Jones, our flawed hero.
right about so many things.
yet so very wrong.

HBO's propagandist hit piece.


I thought for a while that the Sandy Hook victims were over-exaggerating about Alex Jones and what he said. But if you actually watch this documentary and see how the timeline unfolded and the actual things Jones said, it is somewhat damning - and I understand now why there was such a big lawsuit and uproar over this issue...

I have friends there and visited from the UK before it was famous.

My friends helped counsel the victims relatives, so I knew it was real.

I mean; it could obviously be a false flag, but not staged. I think the reason is simply too many guns in the hands of crazy people.

I still like Alex Jones though, he was right about most things in the 90s and 00s so he deserves credit even if it got the best of him.

Yeah, I still like Alex Jones too. I think some of the conspiracy theory thing is partially like a type of mental illness - which I think even he admitted to. To claim everything is a hoax and so on. It was really just that one parent who laughed (nervously) before his press conference, that seemed to ignite the "actors" and "hoax" phenomenon. But, so far, none of the hundreds upon hundreds of school shootings have ever resulted in any mass confiscation of anybody's weapons. So I think that particular conspiracy theory is bullshit...

about whatAlex has become. His early stuff like getting into the Grove was groundbreaking stuff. but latterly he became a caricature of himself wanting to scare people, with National enquirer style hyperbole delivering fear fear and FEAR and ultimately became a vehicle for sales of his supplements.
Sad really considering his early days tbh