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I just watched a documentary called "Tell Them You Love Me", which is NOT included in this collection since it's on UK Sky/NowTV and has not yet been liberated into the filesharing community.

It raises a very interesting issue - basically that when facilitators help disabled people to communicate using letter boards or other tools, they may be helping a little bit too much, and projecting their own thoughts into what is apparently being communicated.

I decided to collect other documentaries from several sources to examine. Some are debunking and exposing Facilitated Communication. Some are praising it!

So here you go, you can decide.

findable on youtube and archived here:
1993 Prisoners of Silence (Frontline)
2012 Facilitated Communication (ABC 20-20)

features from elsewhere:
2011 Wretches and Jabberers
2017 Deej
2021 The Reason I Jump

I will update this collection if this ever shows up:
2023 Tell Them You Love Me - TRAILER


It looks like that 2023 documentary is available on PTP now...

I will be uploading here shortly...

I'm shrinking to x265 720p.