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Open Wide (2024) [720p] Netflix doc on Mewing

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Fascinating documentary about how modern orthodontics have, unsurprisingly, wrecked our faces. I personally am a victim of this and have been interesting in mewing for some time.


Several years back i watched a doc on a guy that was sickly ill - chronic more than acute - and finally went round the whirrled's ALT health gurus and clinics to get an idea and poss cure..

Why am i saying all this heare - with FREE typos? - - well because unlike you other lazy fuckwads reading this who just grab n watch - i thought adding a comment helps the community in whatever way...
Soooooooooooooooo ---> after $23,000 medical and travel costs - and three years - he met someone that said he shud try a certain dentist....

he DID and had a ROOT CANAL removed and sterilised... he was back to "normal" [whatever that is these days?] in a month... :=o

Yer mouth can KILL you.... literally.

Two IPs bravely whispering a few MB per minute to UFO Valley in ancient England....

God bless you...

But I thought a few ppl - including Coirsair000 had a linked = super booted seeding gadgET ?

Not that i can't wait a few hours - we shud be grateful - imagine waiting for a 1GB file in the stone age :=o !!?