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James Delingpole Interviews David Icke (2023.11.15)

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Delingpod LIVE: 15th November 2023, Manchester


Can anyone copy/paste the article?

You can't see it? It doesn't look paywalled.

it is.

Thanks for finding this and uploading here. I'll try to watch it for shits and giggles! lol

Listening now.

I think it’s important to note that there is lots of disagreement and division in the truth community. Literally part of the issue.

Icke and Delingpole both speak of things that don’t seem remotely plausible to me - and they each talk of different things!

We really need to figure out how to divine truth from falsehood.

23 minutes in he launches a cack-handed, passive-aggressive, autistic little fight that clearly irks David. Hilarious.

So look, Delingpole is making many errors in this which a mature adult human is supposed to have grown out of.

1: He's a religious zealot.
Much of his problem is that he's trying to get Icke to agree with his paradigm. Icke points out they agree on the main thing - humans are divine creations being interfered with by nasty demonic energies. But Delingpole can't deal with this unless Icke uses the paradigm of Christianity.

2: He's an arsey twat.
He picks a fight, he doesn't let it go, he blows it out of proportion to try and get Icke to submit, which Icke does not need to do because Delingpole isn't fighting with or talking with Icke, he's fighting and talking with the imaginary Icke in his head, and everyone else he ever disagreed with.

3: He's being pedantic.
I'm deliberately saying the same thing over and over. Like Icke says, if Delingpole read Icke's books he'd probably find the specific detail that would get him over it. But he's not prepared to take it on faith NOR do the work to find the real issue.

4: Lacks humility...
5: isn't listening
6: murders animals for fun, etc

Hilarious to listen to though, I LOL'd.

What is the name of the book written by a Rabbi warning the Jews about the Sabbatean Frankists?

oh, found it: "Eliminate the Opiate" by Rabbi Marvin Antelman

readable here:

A great find and exactly the content I come here for.

This made me appreciate David Icke again, after his 5G mis-step.


Thanks again.

I thought that it was refreshing that somebody stood up to David Icke for once - not that I disagree with him about a lot of stuff but he is on a bit of a pedestal and his demeanour doesn't make challenge easy as can be seen here. I agree up to a point with James Delingpole that some areas that Icke goes into are 'woo', such as frequencies/vibrations (I am willing to accept some aspects such as harmonics can be relevant but implying that high frequencies are good but low frequencies are bad is counter to harmony). However, and especially given the two months or so of promotion that he pushed this event, Delingpole really screwed up by having to admit that he had never read any of Icke's books - although, if Delingpole had been on his game, perhaps he would have asked Icke if he had read The Bible.

If nothing else, though, it was just another fissure in the recent spate of division. I don't look to closely but there has been falling out everywhere of late and in most instances, I think that it is a case of what James Corbett once said, if you take a side, you lose.