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Queer Planet (2023)

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When it comes to 'what Mother Nature intended', it turns out she was pretty open-minded. In this vivid, funny and eye-opening one-off doc we take the audience on a journey to explore the rich diversity of animal sexuality.


Great idea for a documentary! Thanks for sharing. The only other available copy is 5.61GB!

x265 is fantastic. Every modern player has a hardware decoder for it built into the CPU.

filthy wee fuckers... they fuck anything , male or female,with or without a pulse.... yup.. they've been known to fuck penguin dead and it matters not a jot what sex they are.. they are gonna get humped.
The advantage of necrophilia is never having to take flowers as they are generally, already there :P


Awww - he looks too cute and innocent to know about corporation shagging wars...

That's how he lures you close enough. If you reach out to pet him, he'll tear your arm off and club you on the head with the soggy end.

I got as far as the massive hyena clitorises and needed to take a break!

TheCorsair00 wrote:

I got as far as the massive hyena clitorises and needed to take a break!

The clitoris was a bizarre invention, almost like an after thought by "God" because Adam had a Penis which was noticed in the garden of Eden... that's maybe what the Biblical argument and "Fall" was all about?? :-o ?
- not saying it shud be chopped off like many African cultures suggest - but I'll be asking the higher level Mantis ET DNA engineer beings about their reasoning for such things in 2032 when the saucers land.

2032? I have heard that date in UFOlogy before. From Philip Corso Jr. He said that was the date they would re-create the time machine that crashed in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. He said it was somehow this weird altered timeline and time loop that ends up creating the technological breakthroughs which were responsible for the UFO crash in the first place. A major mind fucker - he also said the aliens were man-made programmed life forms which were grown!

But yeah, you're right - there's a lot of questions with Earthly Sexualties! haha

Hey hey - one moment -

Weird female bits aside - are you serious about the date I mentioned above being stated by [SENIOR?] Corso many years back when Bill Birnes released the book???

It's pretty crucial I seek that out if so - I was one of the few that always supported most aspects of The Day After Roswell book and Corso and his Son's claims in aftermath - so if there's more around that date - can you point me to it - i have the book...?

- I also have [somewhere] a rare interview by his son I recall either you sent me privately
- you torrented a version of here at the tracker??


Yes, I pirated a DVD of a Corso Jr. presentation from 2004 many years ago. I think there were 2 presentations that also included Bill Birnes and lots of Q&A. The videos are on YouTube now, the old version with out of sync audio and 10 minute clips pieced together, and in the first 2 hours or so, a lot of details about the alleged Roswell craft, reverse-engineering and a significant amount about time travel is talked about by Corso Jr. There was just one little bit, possibly another I cannot find right now, where a question was asked about timelines and UFOs, and Corso Jr. blurts out the date 2032: I think he talks more about it somewhere else in the video, but I just remembered that date. Supposedly the real reason behind all of the UFO secrecy and cover-up is that these crafts, or many of the ones in possession of the US military and friends, are time machines and there are some radical implications of this issue that cannot be given to the public, because apparently the people involved with studying the crafts still do not fully understand themselves. 2032 is allegedly the date that the reverse-engineered time machines, or UFOs, need to be ready by so that the craft can go back in time "again" (if that makes any sense! LOL)...

Thx for link - saves me loading old drives for a copy of what we discussed - we have damn good memories us lot it seems !

I'll check out the video for the context of the 2032 date and come back here or on a forum topic if I put together anything - given what's happened to me personally re dates along this line....

Let's just say - a SIGNIFICANT shift in our reality isn't a few centuries away as someone on my telegram group estimated a while back - it looks like it's FAR closer than we want to believe.

TheCorsair00 wrote:

I got as far as the massive hyena clitorises

They remind me of my ex wife's nose.

ConCen wrote:

They remind me of my ex wife's nose.

No offence and no backlash pls from conspiracy feminists... - but that could explain partially why she's your ex-wife... :-/

You may be right. Oh nose!