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South to Black Power (2023)

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Charles M. Blow calls for a "reverse Great Migration" of African Americans from the North back to the South to upend today's political power structures while reclaiming the land and culture they left behind.


Hmmm - yawn -What about being returned to a native land given how it seems that "reparations" are being demanded - despite:

- Apple Iphones
- White western healthcare when there's a shoot out in the ghetto
- The ability to make $$millions as a NFL or basketball player [try that in Nigeria]

- And the fact that MY direct ancestors in England - had an average **survival age of 18** in the late 1800s poverty ridden mill working era?! - I'm guessing a shorter life than other situations have endlessly cried about.

did they work in that mill for free?

No - it was actually one of the most "advanced" and HUGE scale mill buildings / operations in that part of West Yorks....

Apparently from food, illness and mill enviroment accidents etc - the average survival age in that region and maybe far more in England but it's not discussed because the African Slavery topic is meant to be THE ONLY cultural injustice.... if you see what I mean??

you sound jealous that someone had it worse.

WTF is that meant to imply??

Who "had it worse" ?

I don't want domination or suffering ANYWHERE on a planET - it's hypocrisy and warped history I think we shud focus on.

And if you think South Africa is now or soon will be a stunning example of a true society to us all - i'd like to see your evidence.... pls include in that the 1000s of Boers/whites that build the region - mostly farmers and their familes killed by ignorant "indiginous" ppl since the ANC blagged to all they were a fantastic, humanitarian political force...?!

Add to it that when they kill decades-experienced, farmers due to their "right" under what they're fed by communist critical race theory - the regular practice is to ALSO immediately kills and eat or sell of alll livestock and sell/destroy all farming machinery they find....

--- thus a farm that used to feed 10,000s or more of African ppl - now has fuck all to contribute to the nation/continent/market...

- I can guarantee you are unaware of that type of thing above... instead you gopher an idiotic, un-educated reaction/contribution to things.


africa is only in bad shape because Europeans phuct it up along with everywhere else with indigenous people. its still better than Europe. europeans still go to Africa when they vacation.

bezzly wrote:

africa is only in bad shape because Europeans phuct it up along with everywhere else with indigenous people. its still better than Europe. europeans still go to Africa when they vacation.

Hmmm - maybe you don't know much about "afica".

I can ONLY read your second post as some bad, surreal attempt at humour.

repatriation back to Africa would be the logical conclusion. Lincoln had a plan for it after he freed them as slaves, and it would make sense to return victims of an act of war back to the homeland they were stolen from. Taking people in slavery was an act of war upon the African nations, and the slave traders should have been the ones paying reparations.
So when the war against the reptilians is over, will they be repatriating all the humans they sold off-world into slavery? Who's going to recover them if they don't acknowledge the secret space program? Will it be other members of the "galactic federation"?

Who thinks the West or US/Europe would still have managed to get to a place of "civilised" prosperity if the African Slave trade had never taken place?

ie: it may have taken a bit longer - but technology for farms and mills etc arrived and mass labour was no longer required...

Am I being niave or is this a possibility??

In which case we may see far less gang wars in the US and England in previous decades plus WITHOUT fear of the racial / woke narrative - some cultures may have progressed better - no fear of offending etc - ?

And on the replitillian issue - my old boss at the Exopolitics Institute was very big on ET slavery - but I never bought it to that degree... the contact that's taken place in my recent reality is a different world to that of the 1900s planET earth situation...



I'm a UFO/contact type - but in this case we don't need that aspect... maybe apart from the below aspect..??

If the movement of ppl had followed the lines of some of the 1980s WISER ET visitors - who've contact notes I've read in depth... ie:

**Richer or educated regions assist others IN THEIR OWN AREA instead of moving ppl into other zones to cause probelms - it's likely todays' whirrled would be in a better place **

Seriously, without the reptilian DNA, would there be a "humanity" or would we all still be neanderthals?

I FULLY believe we were genetically "re-booted" - BUT - not from a specific race's gene-pool DNA - such as reptoids, I think more from a wider "cosmic genetic pool" - which only advanced beings/federations have access to.... for obvious reasons.

This is where we get into info I could chat about for a while - on :

- what exactly the Post Hiroshima "abduction" phenomena was...
- I can demonstrate that it ended in the late 1990s
- how what we saw with COVID/Lockdown and subsequent measure fits into this scenario.