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Your Hundred Year Life (2022)

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Your 100th birthday? It used to be for freaks. A milestone few could hope to reach. Not anymore. All around the world, people are living longer. It should be good news, but there's one big problem. We can't afford it. As the world's population keeps ageing, pension funds are collapsing within companies and - in cases such as Detroit - within states.


I saw this one somewhere else earlier... and I had to ask myself: Is that even true? Are people actually living longer? I mean, maybe - but I always assumed the Baby Boomers and generations after them were all poisoned from bad food, water and Big Pharma everywhere and in everything, so I see a lot of them dropping like flies at the moment. But maybe in better parts of the world (not North America), people might be living longer...

Who is we as in "Can we afford it". Don't count me into this shit show called financial world. I know where the credit flows from to get converted into money. All this financial crisis trumpeting is the fear of corporations collapsing on their scam of identity theft, securities fraud, tax evasion, etc.