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Tommy Robinson: The Rape of Britain

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TheRapeOfBritain.e1.NicolesStory.2022.x265.mkv 1h12m 854x480 HEVC AAC
TheRapeOfBritain.e2.TheFamilyBusiness.2022.x265.mkv 1h31m 854x480 HEVC AAC
TheRapeOfBritain.e3.SAVE.2022.x265.mkv 43m53s 854x480 HEVC AAC
TheRapeOfBritain.e4.AhmedNawas.2022.x265.mkv 1h18m 854x480 HEVC AAC
TheRapeOfBritain.e5.TommyGoesToRussia.2022.x265.mkv 28m12s 854x480 HEVC AAC
TheRapeOfBritain.e6.MyTalkAtARussianLibertarianPartyConference.2022.x265.mkv 1h24m 854x448 HEVC AAC

These are smaller versions of the videos available on Robinson's Rumble channel. I uploaded them here for easier access and to make it possible to avoid Rumble's atrocious video player.


Ok, this guy isn't the best example of the human species - but he's brave given how England is a woke Orwellian nation these days.. so can ppl assist seeding the odd file in this package at some point pls... :-)

it's also difficult to find thanks to their terrible search. so weird.

How do they expect to compete with youtube when they suck.

Apologies - I missed the Rumble links in description first time...