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Ickonic Classified s01e14 (2023.07.12) Daryl D James: Surviving The Secret Space Program

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It is well known that many of the Nazi scientists were shipped over to create NASA after the 2nd World War whilst the Space Race ramped up between the US and Russia. What is becoming evident is that this was only one level of the NASA and secret Black Budget Projects, a public front perhaps, as in the likes of Elon Musk and his Space X narrative. The Secret Space Program can be set alongside MK Ultra and Project Monarch type operations and it is only now we see many of these "Super Soldier's" coming forward to tell their stories. Daryl D James began to remember his part in what he calls the "20yrs and Back" space program in which he says he countered Reptilians, Satanists, off World German Groups and spent time in the mines within the Moon as well as hunting creatures on Mars. In this Classified file Daryl picks up where our interview left off in February of 2023 and expands on how he survived this Secret Space Program. Remember to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.


I have remote-viewed the Moon and Mars and can categorically state none of this is true.

I looked all over, no mines on the moon or creatures on Mars.