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Gareth Icke Tonight (2023.09.28) You Can Silence An Individual But You Can't Silence A Message

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In a world where choices matter, it's time to take a stand. If you've been on the fence for the past three and a half years, now's the moment to pick your side and step off that fence. Because when the bombs start going off, it won't be any easier... This week on the show Gareth Speaks with: - Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas joins us to discuss her organisation, Freedom Fighter Nation, and her new book. - Michael Manoel Chaves, aka Mad Max Conspiracies, talks about the online safety bill and its implications for freedom of speech, comedy, music, and content creation. - Dr. Brian Hooker, Professor of Biology and Senior Director of Science and Research at Children's Health Defense, discusses being a target and the future of public health in the next 12 months.