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Gareth Icke Tonight (2023.09.14) Watching The World Burn, Just To Rule The Ashes

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Get ready for an eye-opening episode! First up, we have the insightful Dr. Shannon Kroner, clinical psychologist and author of 'I'm unvaccinated, and that's ok.' Discover why her supportive book is a must-read for unvaccinated children and their parents. Privacy expert Glenn Meder delves into AI and the tech giants targeting the younger generations. Learn how to protect your online privacy and the potential risks of leaving your and your children's details vulnerable. From the US, integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat joins us to unveil the true causes of disease and how to avoid them. Plus, Gareth delves into Dr. Gaston's Sigma Health U project and explores the medical exemption certificate available on his website.