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Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle (2017)

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In 2017 housing rose to the top of the British political agenda for the first time in a generation. But despite the media spotlight, few stories examined the catastrophic long-term failures that resulted in a chronic shortage of social housing in the United Kingdom.

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle explores the agenda behind the neglect, demolition and regeneration of council estates in the U.K. over the past thirty years. The film reveals how individuals and communities are fighting against the state and private developers, as they try to save their homes from demolition, while investigating the decisions that turned a crisis into a tragedy.

Dispossession is the story of people who know that housing is not an expensive luxury, but a fundamental human right.


the housing issues started in earnest in the 80's after Thatcher(old cunt) started the "right to buy2 on council properties and housing association properties.
the councils eagerly sold their places at knockdown prices as you got discounted rates for every year you had the place. I know oif a 4 bed place in ayr, Scotland with front and back gardens of decent size went for 8000 GBP as the people had been there for 47 years at that point.
Loads of places sold and the councils never reinvested the monies received into new housing stock. the bulk of 1 and 2 bed places we gone and in many instances entire housing estates changed from social housing to privates over a very short time.
There is still a lack of social housing, especially those "starter " sized places and the private market has gone absolutely fucking insane price wise and those cunts at AirBnB are mostly to blame. If you go up Clerk street/ South clerk street in Edinburgh and look at the main entry doors of each stair for the flats you'll see at least 4 out of the sixc flats have key safes for the Airbnb clients to get into the short term lets.
For once the local council tried to do the right thing and tried to ban airbnb from the centre of the city however they lost in court.
Real working people get fucked over while they are building student accomodation like there's no fuckign tomorrow.. btu the residents??? fuck all.
it doesn't matter which party of cunts is in power. they are all fucking cocksuckign arseholes who do fuck all for the people in the electorate.
I have shared equity and own 49% of my place and a housing association has the 51%. So basically the money is a legacy for my kids when i pop my clogs. kinda lucky i got the place but for so many others they are being forced to move out the city as it's becoming unaffordable to the locals. this includes middle class folks too not just working class folks.
in Edinburgh in particular there's more care taken over students and tourists than locals and it has to fucking stop.