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American Thought Leaders (2023.08.08) Del Bigtree

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Del Bigtree: The Vaccine Placebos Lie, the COVID ‘Cash Cow,’ and Taking Regulatory Agencies to Court

“We have all of these lawsuits where we’ve made the NIH, the CDC, FDA, Health and Human Services, admit that they haven’t done any of the safety studies and trials that we’re told by experts have been robustly done … We have the evidence of it because we won it in court,” says Del Bigtree. He’s the founder of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and host of The Highwire.

Beyond the COVID-19 vaccines, other vaccines on the childhood immunization schedule are also not held to the same safety standards as other drugs, and are not tested against true saline placebos, Mr. Bigtree says. How is this possible? And why are people who suffered adverse reactions post-vaccination not being acknowledged and studied so the causes can be identified?

“All that I want to do, or that Robert Kennedy wants to do, is make sure that our vaccines are going through the exact same saline placebo safety trials that most every other drug we take are,” Mr. Bigtree says.